Analytics and Machine Learning

  • Empower decision making based on real-time data from any data sources
  • Gain competitive advantage through ready-made advanced analytics models and visualizations
  • Solve complex business problems with operative advanced analytics

Automatized Operations, Advanced Strategic Intelligence

Role of analytics is changing from operative reports to support of strategic decision making and self-service BI. Need for faster and even automated operative decision making in day to day operations is increasing.

Intelligent cloud is making data digestion, processing and storing live data easier and cheaper all the time. Core business solutions will connect to the same data in the cloud.

Intelligent Cloud will make Your Business Flexible and Smarter than Before

You can get fast results with our ready-made business intelligence and analytics solutions. We have extensive knowledge and expertize to customize the solution to cover your unique business intelligence and analytics needs.

We have wide understanding of business processes and operative systems and ready integrations e.g. for Dynamics CRM, and NAV and AX. We have long experience, deep competence and proven track record of several successful customer solutions in Nordics.

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