Business Productivity

Business Productivity Helps Our Customers Make the Most of Their Organization

  • We create the best business experience for our customers with advanced operational systems integrated with each other and the latest communication, collaboration, and analytics solutions
  • We modify our solutions, such as CRM and ERP systems, to match the requirements of our customers through extensive industry expertise and ready-made solutions
  • We provide our customers with an organized and reliable way to manage their information and related workflows and approvals

Our objective is to provide a modern business experience to our customers

In an environment of constant change, success depends on the ability to predict the future and react quickly. In order to succeed, our customers need enterprise resource planning systems that are flexible to implement and adaptive to changes.

Innofactor solutions map the basic processes with the organization’s central requirements so that the solution that supports the business is easy to put into use and can be modified in an agile manner to suit the particular needs of the organization. We create the tools with which the customer’s personnel can flexibly react to changes in customer requirements, the operating environment, and business requirements.

Examples of Our Services

We provide private, public, and membership-based organizations with solutions that help serve their customers, operate on a growing scale, and offer a flexible and motivational way for the employees to achieve their goals also via secure cloud services.

Innofactor’s CRM solution provides an easy-to-use way to manage customer paths: targeting marketing actions, managing sales cases and handling customer requirements generated by the customer service function and identified, for example, through social media. In addition to basic ERP functions, such as financial management, customers can utilize industry-specific services represented by Innofactor for the needs of service enterprises and manufacturing companies, for example. Innofactor’s conceptualized BI solutions produce easy-to-use analytics with illustrative graphics for use by the customer’s entire organization. The project business package conceptualized by Innofactor helps to manage business projects and steers business management through project portfolios. Using information management, case management and quality management solutions makes it much easier for the customer organization to manage its information flows involving increasingly large amounts of data. In addition to ready-made solutions, we are able to implement demanding customer-specific solutions to support the operations of our customers.

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