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Over 70 % of customers say that valuing their time is the no. 1 thing a company can do to provide a good customer service. Digitalization enables organizations to deliver customers new, more personalized products and services that they can use in the way that suits them best, regardless of time and place. Read more about Innofactor Digital Customer Service.

Digitalization enables the best employee experience to match the best customer experience. Sales people expect today easy and powerful mobile tools to succeed with their targets, and high quality customer care and service is a source for competitive advantage. In increasingly data-driven world organizations need sophisticated tools and intelligent analyses to make better decisions.

Using Dynamics 365 with Office 365, easy access analytics and best partner solutions will give your employees the best work experience, the customers the best customer experience and the management the best insights of your business.

Empowering Customer Relationship Management

With Dynamics 365 Sales you can increase productivity and sales, get a better hit rate on your opportunities and decrease the cost of sales at the same time.

Dynamics 365 Sales lets you automate your sales and marketing related processes and gives you a full 360 view on your customers. It will give you valuable insights from lead to sales to closing deals and delivering the best customer service.

Let your salesforce work anywhere, anytime and sell more with Dynamics 365 & Office 365, and have more information to lead your business and make better decisions with Dynamics 365 & Power BI.

Improve collaboration and communications with innovative Dynamics 365 & Office 365 solutions, and serve your customers with their channel of choice with CRM, Field services and portal solutions.

Innofactor Business Cloud is a ready-made model to deploy Dynamics 365, Office 365 and analytics for your company fast and cost efficiently.

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