KEHA Center

Design and Implementation of KEHA Center’s Digital Work Environment – Within Just a Month

KEHA Center is a Finnish national decentralized bureau that produces development and administrative services for the ELY and TE Services. The project employed Innofactor OnePoint implementation model for Microsoft Office 365 and was carried out in just a month including intranet content. Electronic work environment unites about 550 employees, and it will be expanded later to cover all of the 30 offices and in total more than 7,000 end users. The project utilized flexible collaboration principles and nimbly adapted to various conditions. It was carried out by a virtual team consisting of people from both the supplier and the customer, by utilizing digital tools and cherishing a positive atmosphere of trial and error.

“In addition to the safe traditional set of services, IT department is supposed to offer platforms and tools for quick changes, experiments, and employees developing digital methods by themselves. We offered a platform, a bunch of ideas, and our own expertise. With Innofactor professionals, we found the people who had the courage and insight to build a new type of service. The project carried out with Innofactor was one of our most successful ICT initiatives.”

Heikki Heikkilä
CIO at KEHA Center

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