• Annual Report 2016

    Annual Report

    Annual Report 2016 has been published in English.

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  • Digital Business

    Digital Business

    Modern Customer Experience

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    Population Register Center

    In the Core of Citizens' Digital Services – Designing Service Views for Finnish Citizens

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  • Flexible Collaboration

    Flexible Collaboration

    Modern Employee Experience

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    KEHA Center

    Design and Implementation of Digital Work Environment – Within Just a Month

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  • Business Productivity

    Business Productivity

    Modern Business Experience

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    ERP-Managed Leadership and Cascading the Best Processes

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  • Intelligent Cloud

    Intelligent Cloud

    Modern Cloud Experience

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    Danish Cancer Society

    Up-to-Date Customer Information with the Help of Cloud-Based Analytics Services

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  • Process Innovation

    Digital Vision
    and Processes

    Modern Organization

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    HUS Health Village

    Digital Channels in Hospitals – the Health Village Brings Technology to People

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Innofactor Skilli

Our Objective is to double the Learning Results and Enable High-Quality Education with Limited Resources

The decades-old model of teaching one subject to a large group of students in one classroom has come to the end. The new curriculum of Finnish schools is based on the idea that students are active individuals. They learn to set targets and solve problems both individually and together with others. Learning takes place by doing together and individually, thinking, planning, studying, and versatile evaluation of these processes.

The idea of Innofactor Skilli is to set individual learning targets for each student, to collect continuous data about learning, and to analyze and recommend individual improvements by machine learning. In addition to the teacher’s evaluation, we obtain big data about learning from self and peer assessment as well as from the parents. Skilli enables completely new learning processes with which the teacher becomes the mentor and learning is not limited to the classroom.

In June 2015, Innofactor Skilli was chosen as a finalist for Microsoft’s international category Education Partner of the Year. We also won the Quality Innovation of the Year award in both the domestic and international categories. Our objective is to turn Skilli into an international bestseller by utilizing Finland’s reputation as one of the world’s top countries in teaching.

”Innofactor Skilli brings continuity to learning assessment. As a teacher, Skilli provides me with information about the variety and use of teaching methods. I have recommended Skilli to all of our teachers who want their students to do self-evaluation.”

Jarkko Sievi
teacher at comprehensive school
grades 7 to 9, mathematics and physics
Lauttasaari co-ed

Innofactor Plc

Keilaranta 9
FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
+358 10 272 9000
Contact us!