Population Register Center

In the Core of Citizens’ Digital Services – Designing Service Views for Finnish Citizens

Innofactor Service Design team is responsible for the service design of Population Register Center’s Service Views project. The objective of the projects is to provide public administration services for Finnish Citizens through one address as a consistent service experience. The public services of “Digital Finland” are accessible and user-friendly in one place. The beta version was released in December 2015 and the first production version in July 2017. The development of the production version continues agile. More information about the schedule can be found at tutustu.suomi.fi.

Population Register Center’s project is part of the Finnish Ministry of Finance’s National Architecture for Digital Services (KaPa) project, the objective of which is to make it easier, simpler and more flexible for citizens, enterprises and other organizations to transact with the authorities.

”All of the services of our National Architecture for Digital Services (KaPa) program are being built based on user-oriented principles. During the program, Innofactor specialists as part of our agile development teams are responsible for the design of our services. Service design team’s specialists possess high-level expertise, and we are happy with our cooperation with Innofactor.”

Jani Ruuskanen
Project Manager, Suomi.fi service views
Population Register Center

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