ERP-Managed Leadership and Cascading the Best Processes

Finns know Rapala’s iconic brand since 90 years. Long-term work to expand the market has won Rapala a position as one of the most international companies in the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Rapala’s market is truly global. Their products are sold in more than 100 countries across the globe, and they have their own local retail company in 35 countries. Thanks to Rapala’s streamlined company culture each market is served in its own terms as a unique business environment with its own characteristics. The ability to adapt to local markets is crucial for success, and the same flexibility and adaptation skills are what business support systems should offer. The systems must primarily meet local needs but at the same time, they must enable group-level management and coordination.

Innofactor is Rapala’s partner in Finland for their Dynamics NAV ERP and has participated the design of a model by which global operations can be steered more transparently in the future and practices implemented locally as local branches apply the systems. Centralized processes help ensure that consistent views of business-critical product and account information.

”Our operative model is based on strong and independent local organizations that are able to serve each market in an optimal way. Close communication between the management and local units as well as global transparency regarding business-related information will become more important in the future. The systems provided by Innofactor create new possibilities for this.”

Jussi Ristimäki
President and CEO, Chairman of the Executive Committee
Rapala VMC Corporation

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