Better and More Personalized Services and Communications for Members

Kommunal is the largest trade union in Sweden. It has more than 500,000 members in approximately 230 different occupations. The majority of Kommunal’s members work in local government, but the union is also seeing steady growth among private sector employees.

Kommunal needed to find a new, more modern and sophisticated information system to replace its 17-year-old member database. The purpose of the new solution was to help the union provide a full range of services to its members as well as include membership management, contract management, and account management functionality. It was important for Kommunal to implement a flexible solution that meets the diverse needs of its various professional groups while also supporting the processes, regulations, and structures that are typical of a trade union.

Innofactor delivered its Membership Management Solution (MMS) to Kommunal, fully supporting Kommunal’s existing business processes, such as recruitment, training, administration, and member services. The MMS is based on the standard version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software and it has a modern user interface. For Kommunal, the delivered MMS is an easy-to-use, flexible, and appropriate platform that also has the capacity to meet future requirements.

“We chose Innofactor because they genuinely understood our needs. They offered a ready-to-use solution customized to the needs of this membership-based organization. We also found that their Microsoft Dynamics CRM expertise was the most comprehensive in all of Sweden.”

Hanna Stenholm
Head of Membership Administration

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