Customized Solutions

Innofactor has vast experience in developing, modernizing and maintaining large, customer-specific and business-critical solutions that call for profound technical and industry-specific competence. We supply fully customized solutions catering to the needs of public administration and the business sector.

  • Does your organization have processes for which a product-based solution does not provide adequate business support or the required adaptability to rapid business shifts?
  • Does your organization feel the need to flexibly expand the use of existing systems among new groups irrespective of time and location?
  • Does your organization wish to provide end consumers, suppliers and stakeholders with new self-service options to digitize and automate processes?
  • Does your organization use customized systems that are challenging to develop and maintain due to the availability of your own resources, the up-to-dateness of technology or supplier-related issues?

Innofactor’s Tailored Solutions unit can help in all these cases.

Our customers in this sector typically find it challenging to obtain suitable IT solutions that can support highly optimized, competitive special processes in a continuously developing business environment. Some of our customers operate in special fields where off-the-shelf solutions are not commonly available.

In these cases, introducing an off-the-shelf product and performing the comprehensive customizations required for seamless project support may be a considerable cost factor and obstacle to business development. By choosing an agile, customer-specific approach, our customers can ensure optimal support for their business and avoid the compromises and risks involved in a product-based approach.

The license fees for off-the-shelf products may be high and ultimately fail to offer the equivalent value to business. In these cases, it makes sense to create a fully customized system based on agile methods, in which the customer does not pay unnecessary license fees, but has full control over system development—and the response to changing business demands—instead of being dependent on the product developer’s publication schedule or product development strategy.

We carry out development projects in extremely close cooperation with our customers. Our vast industry-specific competence enables us to move ahead efficiently from the project’s outset and reduce our customers’ workload in the project. Effective project procedures and software development methods ensure that our projects adhere to the planned schedule and costs.

Examples of our solutions in this sector include:

  • Customized special solutions for public administration
  • Enterprise resource planning, production control, sales control, product configuration, other special operational systems
  • Electronic ordering systems, suppliers/customer portals
  • Specification, design and implementation of integration
  • The control, lifecycle management and modernization of operational systems customized by a third-party
Customer and industry specific solutions

  • Customized solutions adapted to your everyday operations
  • Competitive advantage to make your organization more efficient
  • Our extensive experience at your use

We implement solutions e.g. for the following industries and solution areas:

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