Digital Collaboration

Digital collaboration enables organization’s operation as a community and improves the accessibility of information. It ensures successful digital collaboration in the daily work of the customer, inside the organization and among its closest stakeholders.

  • Business-context driven social collaboration
  • Engage both internal and external stakeholders
  • Discover the right information when needed
  • Support agile decision making - work like a startup
  • Integrate quality management to daily operations

Discover Business Value from Modern Communications

Modern Employee journey starts from understanding the possibilities of modern communications and tools. Innofactor offers half-a-day hands-on customer experience to see and try yourself how Office 365 tools can enhance enterprise communications both internally and externally. After the workshop, Innofactor provides TCO estimation and a road map suggestion to modernize organization’s communication.

OnePoint for Collaboration

OnePoint is cloud-first, mobile-first solution that allows your employees to communicate anytime and anywhere. It is a ready-to-go solution that enables you to quickly modernize your employee experience. Due to its modular structure, it can be implemented piece by piece, to fit your business needs.

Driving Adoption to Ensure the Engagement

Effective collaboration starts by defining how you work now, how would like to work in the future and how the new tools support new ways of work. When employees discover and understand how modern tools benefit them and their teams, they will be more motivated and willing to use them. Innofactor Adoption Model focuses to create this motivation and supports employees to ensure the best possible engagement. Training agendas can vary from overall communications strategy to smartly use of tools like video, Delve, Groups or Microsoft Teams.

Enabling Context Driven Business Collaboration

In context-driven collaboration, information is classified based on the business context in concern. This enhances information management and findability, enabling organization to learn from previous activities. Innofactor Intelligent Business Cloud thinking enables more productive business collaboration and that company can make most of the Office 365 cloud to support their business.

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