Digital Customer Service

  • Increase customer satisfaction and make them returning fans of your brand
  • Digitalize your processes and provide customers with tools for self-service
  • Become a digital corner shop - understand your customers and serve them uniquely

Maximize Benefits of Digitalization

To maximize the benefit of digitalization we need to optimize and integrate customer service for end-customers' experience, customer service professionals' day-to-day work and organization's core business processes. Web and mobile enable personalized content and services to customers based on their behavior, location and demographics.

Customer-centric design principles and continuous cooperation with end-users and business decision makers enables services that are lovable, usable and profitable. One well-designed web-based solution enables you to reach, engage and activate your customers in multiple channels and devices. Everything must be measured, analyzed and continuously improved.

Empowering Our Customer's Digital Customer Service

We offer a holistic digital customer service solution building on industry experience, business and process understanding, and customer-centric service design. Innofactor digital customer service reference architecture combines leading front and back end IT solutions, cloud technologies and advanced analytics.

We promise quick start with our unique Hackathon Customer Camp and you only pay for usable results. We deliver - our track record proves our ability of creating digital services for commercial, public sector and membership-based organizations.

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