• Digital Business

    Digital Business

    Better Customer Experience

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  • Population Register Center Banner Picture

    Population Register Center

    In the Core of Citizens' Digital Services – Designing Service Views for Finnish Citizens

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  • Flexible Collaboration

    Flexible Collaboration

    Better Employee Experience

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  • KEHA Center Banner Picture

    KEHA Center

    Design and Implementation of Digital Work Environment – Within Just a Month

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  • Business Productivity

    Business Productivity

    Better Business Experience

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    ERP-Managed Leadership and Cascading the Best Processes

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  • Intelligent Cloud

    Intelligent Cloud

    Better Cloud Experience

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    Danish Cancer Society

    Up-to-Date Customer Information with the Help of Cloud-Based Analytics Services

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  • Process Innovation

    Process Innovation

    Better Business Process

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    Innofactor Skilli

    Our Objective is to Double the Learning Results and Enable High-Quality Education with Limited Resources

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Digital Marketing

  • Analyze business impact and optimize for growth
  • Automate individualized marketing and service communications
  • Be present where your customers are
  • Extend your resources and rent a Digital Manager

Marketing Shifts to Digital and Personal

Reaching customers is shifting to deeply personal and relevant interactions instead of ad-blasting. Great digital marketing is not perceived as marketing — marketing happens at the right time, in the right channel.

Manual routines and marketing tasks are automatized — not only for saving time and money, but also for quicker and more relevant customer service. Digital marketing is highly measurable and behavioral data can be used for better service.

Empowering Our Customer's Digital Marketing

We make the life of marketers easier with advanced real-time analytics and decrease the time to value with our Marketing Dashboard. We offer comprehensive understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and required integrations.

We offer comprehensive understanding of Content Management Systems (CMS), mobile applications and required integrations. Get results — we can help you design, measure and optimize your marketing channels. We deliver — our track record proves our ability of creating digital services for commercial, public and membership-based organizations.

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Vice President, Digital Experience
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