Digital Vision and Processes

Significant Development in Customers’ Operations through the Digital Vision and Modern Processes

  • Using Innofactor’s industry experience and competencies related to the key processes of organizations, we work with our customers to create a shared digital vision of a modern organization
  • We innovate our customers’ processes to meet today’s requirements by utilizing modern technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), self-service, analytics, and machine learning
  • We create significant competitive advantage, substantial cost savings and even entirely new operating models for our customers

Our objective is to build a digital vision for a modern organization and provide better business processes for our customers

  • Customer Relations, Marketing, Sales, and Support
  • Production, Logistics, Delivery, and Projects
  • Business and Product Development and Innovation
  • Financial Management and Business Forecasting
  • HR, Quality, Risk Management, ICT, and Legal Matters

Building the digital vision is based on our broad experience and insight into the opportunities presented by digitalization. We actively guide our customers to look for the seeds of new competitive advantage and ways of working from areas that are often overlooked: the cross-sections and interfaces of organizations, units, and processes. These are often blind spots that receive no attention from anyone. The modern business models and process innovations enabled by digitalization are often found in these areas.

Our consultants have the ability to question traditional ways of working. The benefits of advanced analytics and cloud technology, or moving certain workflows from the organization’s own employees to the customer or to artificial intelligence, often include higher operational quality and lower costs.

Examples of Our Services

We give our expert opinion on the customer’s development plans. We also evaluate the current state of the customer’s operating models and future possibilities with regard to digitalization and advanced IT.

The Digital Vision and Processes service area includes the following services implemented by our leading consultants: building a digital vision for a modern organization, process mapping, development planning, the digital transformation of defined and renewed processes by means of Innofactor’s extensive service offering and the latest technologies, such as machine learning, IoT and cloud technology, and continuous, comprehensive and systematic development of process innovation.

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