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Enterprise Communication

The basis of organizational communication is a cutting edge intranet community that ensures that personnel receives relevant information. In addition we provide tools for video conferences, instant messaging, and broadcasting communications as well as methods for communication culture change.

  • Personalized internal communications
  • Encourage everyone to share their knowledge
  • Engage people to change and adopt the new ways of working
  • Enable modern communications internally and with the customers and partners

Modern Workplace Experience starts with new Communication Culture

Enterprise communication is not only tools and technologies. It requires a change in the communication culture. Modern Employee can bypass the silos that are traditionally created with organization structure. Effective two-way communication requires an agile way of working with people and modern tools to enable that.

New communication tools don't create benefits until you get people actively involved. Since the new social communication tools, like Yammer, are easy to use, the adoption training focus lies on cultural change management. Our model focuses on ensuring user’s awareness and willingness for change, creating a motivation to actively utilize new tools to collaborate.

Innofactor adoption model guarantees a high usage rate and most importantly, it updates to way you work.

  • After technical implementation the new tools need to be brought in a daily use
  • Change the way work is done starts on individual level
  • Learn how to use the new tools and what is the benefit, get rid of old habits
  • Start Modern Employee journey, where they have means to utilize best tools for them

Our training agendas can vary from overall communications strategy to use of tools like Microsoft Teams, Yammer, or Skype for Business to modernize the enterprise communication.

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