Flexible Collaboration

Our Flexible Collaboration Solutions Help Our Customers Transform Their Operations to Meet the Needs of the Mobile World

  • We create the best collaboration and communication experiences for our customers’ employees and partners
  • Our modern collaborative solutions help our customers make their organizations more productive, innovative, and streamlined
  • Our efficient communication and collaboration solutions enable our customers to offer their end-customers the best service and benefits through our digital customer communication and services

Our objective is to provide our customers with a modern employee experience

We provide our customers with methods and tools that help them operate as efficiently and inspiringly as possible, relying on up-to-date and organized information.

Innofactor’s flexible collaboration offering supports the organization’s internal operational development and communication with their partners. Together with our customers, we create a model of internal development that allows the customer to become a pioneer in using new technology. Traditional operations following the organization and command chain no longer ensures sufficient speed in the face of a rapidly changing environment. The amount of data is increasing at a dramatic rate, making it challenging to find the most critical information and make collaboration-related decisions. We help our customers bring essential information to the organization’s frontlines to ensure decision-making without unnecessary delay.

Examples of Our Services

Our service package expedites change in the customer’s ways of working, from implementing new services to significantly increasing the competitiveness of the organization and its stakeholders.

Mobile productivity solutions ensure that users can securely access all of the relevant information regardless of place and time. The solutions enable the processing of information via any device and create a consistent end-user experience. Digital collaboration allows the customer organization to operate as a community and improves the accessibility of information. It ensures successful digital collaboration in the customer’s day-to-day operations, both within the organization and among its closest stakeholders. The basis of organizational communication is a cutting-edge intranet community that supports targeted communications to personnel. We also provide tools for video conferencing, instant messaging, and broadcasting communications. The services can be implemented through an organization-specific server environment or as a cloud service that enables secure digital collaboration.

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