Modern Healthcare and Welfare

Modern Healthcare and Welfare

Digitalization presents new opportunities for the modern healthcare and welfare organization to provide personalized preventive healthcare and welfare services, improve internal efficiencies and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. The end goal – more satisfied customers who stay healthy longer, and higher quality care for those who need it.

Digital Healthcare & Welfare Customer Experience

Digital Healthcare & Welfare Customer Experience

The healthcare and welfare industry is moving from treating disease to preventive healthcare and creating welfare services for its customers. Digital customer services play a huge part in this evolution, both to the benefit of the patient and the healthcare organization. Shifting resources from disease care to health care and welfare services enables customers to live a healthier life and increase their wellbeing. Tapping to this opportunity, however, requires healthcare organizations to rethink how they create and deliver their services so that they can be offered in digital channels.

What type of solutions do we envision for healthcare customers?

Modern healthcare and welfare organizations are able to offer their customers digital services that are preventive in nature with the aim to minimize the need for face to face consultation or inpatient care. These include e.g.

  • Visual and easy to use welfare services and applications that allow customers to monitor their health and stay fit through preventive measures like proper exercise and weight management guidance
  • Self-care processes allowing customers to tend to minor illnesses without physician’s consultation and prescribed medicine Home care processes allowing for patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their home or prepare for clinical outpatient treatment such as surgery from home instead of having to become inpatients

Effective Healthcare Operations

Effective Healthcare Operations

Modern healthcare organizations seek to transform their operations and optimize processes and usage of resources to provide better care. This transformation is fueled by the increased amount of data and computing power in the cloud, as well as new and more effective communication and collaboration tools available to healthcare organizations.

What type of solutions do we envision for caregivers?

Time needed to access, edit and share information is a key pain point for today’s caregivers. Modern collaboration tools enable caregivers to access to the right information and resources to collaborate effectively and react quickly to change and new customer needs. Digital care solutions also enable direct and secure interaction between caregivers and their customers and help to reduce the time needed to make the right diagnosis and deliver effective care even at a distance.

Such solutions include e.g.

  • Higher organization wide and cross organization productivity solutions like Office 365 that enable seamless access to information from any type of terminal
  • Skype for Business enabling secure remote care and reducing time needed for caregivers or patients to travel.
What type of solutions do we envision for healthcare management?

Healthcare management professionals need to ensure information is available across the organization to continuously optimize operations and usage of resources. Being able to leverage both customer and employee information enables healthcare management to think of new ways to organize work in their organizations and offer customers better services, resulting in better care. Solutions like Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics 365 for Operations enable healthcare organizations to build effective, scalable and secure customer relationship and resource management solutions.

Analytics in Healthcare

A vast amount of health and operational data is created through digital customer and employee services. Useful, potentially empowering data also resides in outside systems, available locally, regionally or globally in the cloud. Massively decreased cost of clinical analysis such as DNA sequencing provides physicians unforeseen access to very personalized customer health and genetic data. Advanced analytics and Machine Learning may be deployed to leverage this vast amount of information to derive the right insights for providing best possible care effectively. The opportunities are immense:

  • Faster and more precise diagnosis resulting in faster care processes and decreased inpatient time
  • Administration of customer specific medication with down DNA level based targeting to provide faster, more effective treatment with less risk of side effects
  • Higher operations efficiency in healthcare units through better planning enabled by machine

Innofactor Digital Healthcare Offering

Innofactor offers a suite of modern healthcare solutions ranging from healthcare service design and delivery for digital customer experiences, operative productivity for increased clinical and process efficiency and caregiver productivity experiences.

Innofactor Digital Healthcare Offering

Our customer centric delivery model is aimed to provide fast time-to-value and time-to-market to ensure your organization sees results right from day one. We are a leading Nordic provider of digitalization with local presence, dedicated on helping our customers to choose the right combination of leading cloud solutions for their needs.

Innofactor Recognized as Finalist for 2016 Microsoft Public Sector: Health

Innofactor was named as a finalist in the 2016 Microsoft Public Sector Health Award. We were honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016 Finalist Health Award

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