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Innofactor is actively developing applications aimed at educational institutions. The goal of Innofactor® Skilli™ is to double the learning results of children while enabling meaningful teaching with limited resources. Skilli enables individual and broader learning experience.

Learning is changing at a fast pace from the traditional classroom teaching towards individual, diverse learning. In the future, learning will be first of all based on the student’s personal qualities, skills and motivation. Parents will have a more central part in their children’s learning process. Collecting and analyzing data related to a student’s learning process will make it possible to create an individual learning path that changes in real-time for each student. Students will take a bigger responsibility of their own learning and the teacher’s role will change to that of a coach who supports learning. Learning will take place everywhere—at school, at home and while traveling—and will include, in addition to the traditional subjects, skills the student will need in the future.

Innofactor Skilli makes it all possible

Our goal is to analyze learning in a new way and to develop quality of learning and the self-assessment of students. In order to further individual learning, we developed a new application, Skilli, which works in the Microsoft Office 365 environments of schools and utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The product development relies heavily on the latest pedagogical research data on how to best arrange learning and teaching and what kind of applications best support the renewal of schools as regards the development of future skills. As a part of the product development for educational institutions, Innofactor signed a cooperation agreement with the OmniSchool (Koulu kaikkialla) research and development project of the University of Helsinki Department of Teacher Education. Innofactor is also a central partner in Microsoft’s Oppimisen Pohjantähti program. Product development has been done in close cooperation with pilot project schools, which has resulted in agile planning of the application together with students, teachers and school management.

To achieve better learning results, it is necessary for the schools to take students’ individual learning paths into consideration better in the future. Some learn better in small groups, others by themselves. Some prefer to search for information using their tablet computers, others benefit the most from field trips. Some students’ strength is in planning their own work, while others are good at sharing information with others. Skilli makes it possible to systematically collect data on learning and analyze and use the data in planning learning situations and organizing teaching. Our application offers teachers information on which learning methods develop each student’s skills best and how different learners have experienced the learning situations. With the use of analyses, students can view their own learning in a new, game-like way, and they can recognize their own strengths and areas that need development.

“Students have been enthusiastic about Skilli and have filled in self-assessments actively. Right from the beginning, we have seen how the system can help in developing teaching towards more individual learning.”

Risto Lauri
Deputy Headmaster, Koulumestari school, City of Espoo

“I cannot believe that the application I have been dreaming of is really here. Skilli helps in monitoring the development of students’ varied skills and their own learning in real time. I am eager to see research results on implementing self-assessment in a game-like way with Skilli. I believe that together we can truly change teaching and improve learning.”

Jarkko Mylläri
Developer of learning environments, PhD student in the University of Helsinki,
City of Kauniainen

Innofactor’s goal is to make Skilli an internationally successful product and to utilize Finland’s reputation as a world’s top country in teaching.

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