Internet of Things IoT

  • Integrate current or new devices, applications or services to increase business reaction velocity
  • Enable business model transformation or innovate completely new business models
  • Provide end users new innovative applications to increase productivity

IoT Leads the Next Industrial Revolution

More and more devices are connected to the Internet by embedded technology – 26 billion devices by 2020. IoT will bring the intelligence for physical world.

Analyses of the collected data and machine learning open huge business and service opportunities which have not yet been identified for example in the area of circular economies.

Innofactor Intelligent Cloud will make Your Business Flexible and Smarter than Before

You can get fast results with our ready-made IoT frameworks. We have extensive knowledge and expertize to customize the solution to cover your unique IoT needs.

We have wide understanding of business processes and operative systems and ready integrations e.g. for Dynamics CRM, and NAV and AX. We have pioneering experience and deep competence and proven track record of several successful customer solutions in Nordics.

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