Innofactor® Prime™

Innofactor Prime is a versatile software solution developed by Innofactor in close cooperation with its customers. The solution can be utilized for a wide variety of uses and it comes with flexible potential for tailored domain- or customer-specific solutions.

Solutions based on Innofactor Prime are accessed through a browsed-based user interface, enabling remote access to the system. During development, special attention was paid to make the user interface clear and easy to use, and to make the system safe and secure. The user interface can be adapted to the customer’s overall graphic design and it is available in multiple languages. The software provides extensive reporting features and user access settings for individual users and user groups.

Some key application areas for Innofactor Prime are presented below.

Software platform for websites, online communication and eServices

Innofactor Prime is extremely scalable and allows for implementing anything from individual websites to extensive service solutions. The software provides effective and distributed management tools for multiple websites hosted on several servers in multiple languages. Innofactor Prime is a fully browser-based, comprehensive solution for online publications, communication and eServices.

Power tool for enterprise resource management and group work

Innofactor Prime functionality covers all key requirements for enterprise resource management and group-based workflows. Customers can flexibly pick the features that they require. All features can be accessed cost-efficiently through a shared user management view and a single user interface. The entire solution or individual modules can be combined to work with other solutions.

Tailored solution for special requirements

Today, Innofactor Prime is utilized in a wide selection of customer and domain-specific solutions among Innofactor’s customer base. Innofactor Prime can be modified to meet the requirements of specific customer use cases.

Implementation technology and hardware requirements

The software is installed either on the customer’s own server or it can be run as an SSL-protected ASP service from Innofactor’s data center. Innofactor Prime utilizes modern Microsoft .NET technology and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The open, standard-based Innofactor Open API interface enables cost-efficient interfaces to other systems; for example, most of Microsoft’s software solutions can be integrated with Innofactor Prime solutions.

Individual users do not need separate software installations on their workstations as Innofactor Prime functionality is mainly managed directly on the server. The most widely used operating systems and up-to-date web browsers are supported.

Requirements for server computers are listed in detail with the offer. The requirements depend on the selected features and capacity needs. With small capacity needs, a server based on traditional PC technology is usually sufficient. Server computers must be equipped with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft IIS and the management tools for Microsoft SQL Server databases. With ASP services, the customer does not have to obtain a server, as the service is hosted in Innofactor’s data center.

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