A modern and scalable quality and management solution

QualityFirst™ is a modern and scalable quality and management software suite developed by Innofactor. It helps our customers to engage their entire organization in managing risks, monitoring and improving workplace safety and continuously enhancing the end-to-end quality of products and services. QualityFirst also provides management with actionable insights about operational and process efficiency and supports quality teams in running audits and managing quality certificates.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we can help your organization make quality everyone’s business! Check out some of the examples how Innofactor QualityFirst tackles your organizations typical quality related challenges in just 15 seconds!

One place for all your work instructions

QualityFirst helps you to maintain work instructions up-to-date in one place and ensure that your staff has read them. Information can be accessed easily through SharePoint interfaces, such as your organization’s intranet. Our solution is conveniently available both in English and Finnish.

Easy way to report and track risks and workplace hazards

What if your employee identifies a deviation or a risk onsite? Perhaps a leakage at a factory or a safety hazard on a construction site? QualityFirst is the tool for anyone in the organization to quickly report deviations using text, images, videos and attached documents. The user has the possibility to add the incident’s geographic location automatically, making tracking simple and straightforward.

Reporting happens smoothly through a mobile application, where the employees can notify the company of a variety of deviations ranging from environmental, quality and safety issues, to name a few. Employees’ observations can also be reported offline. Corrective actions can be assigned and tracked to ensure workplace safety.

Insights for decision making and operational development

Many organizations face challenges in seeing the bigger picture instead of pieces of information. QualityFirst, together with Microsoft Power BI analysis and reporting tool gives your organization the opportunity to have a clear view of the operational status based on information that is continuously updated. You can identify key areas of improvement in a way that is systematic and easy. With this knowledge you can further improve your operations to stay ahead of the competition.

Managing audits and quality systems (e.g. ISO 9001) easily

Quality management systems, such as ISO 9001, require organizations to manage dozens of documents and records, including policies, quality manuals and work instructions. QualityFirst™ enables you to easily create, review and update quality documents. With the help of QualityFirst, also audits can be carried out without concerns of losing track of the process. The organization receives up-to-date information of the audit and can create statistics and summaries of the information when needed. Audits become more efficient when all your certifications are in one place.

Over 20 years of making quality everyone’s business

Innofactor has developed QualityFirst since 1995 and employs some of Finland’s leading experts in the field. QualityFirst is based on scalable and secure Microsoft technology and has a modular structure ensuring that it easily adapts to organizations of all sizes and industries. With over 20 customers and over 60 000 active users worldwide, we can ensure that QualityFirst is the right solution for your organization.

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