Innofactor® Quality First™

Innofactor® Quality First™ is a sophisticated, modular and widely used quality management solution. Innofactor Quality First pulls together the quality work done within an organization to a single location and clarifies quality-related operational models and quality communication.

Innofactor Quality First provides ready-made processes for routines related to quality management and frees up employee resources for continuous improvement, such as planning, evaluating and developing activities.

The modular solution contains the following elements:

The production and publication of quality, environmental and personnel handbooks and manuals. The module includes workflow management and version control and enables maintaining department- and unit-specific handbooks.

Audit planning and the administration of audit implementation.

A tool for deviation management; eliminates detected defects and errors that undermine quality. The tool also allows managing feedback and complaints. New feedback can be added to the system through an intranet or extranet form or directly via email.

A tool that engages the members of an organization; used to collect, evaluate, implement and reward ideas and initiatives arising from the grassroots level.

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