Service Design

  • Transform your organization to support Service Excellence
  • Create consistent customer experiences in every channel
  • Impress your customers with world-class design

Fast Usable Results and Continuous Development

Customers of today require a unique, personalized service — one size does not fit all. Service Design combined with utilization of customer data allows you to deliver magic moments at each stage of customers’ journey.

Customer-centric design principles and continuous cooperation with end-users and business decision makers enables services that are lovable, usable and profitable. Service Design is a set of tools and competences that helps you create meaningful and cherished customer experiences.

Empowering Our Customers with Service Design

Our unique service design process continues from design to implementation and continuous development. We design digital services that are easy to implement because of Innofactor group’s understanding of software development and technologies.

Concrete early phase concepting guarantees 100% usable results. Customer-centered thinking helps us to create services that respond not only to customer needs but also business objectives. We deliver — our track record proves our ability of creating digital services for commercial, public and membership-based organizations.

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