Innofactor as an employer

Skilled and motivated staff is a key competitive factor for Innofactor. The company's human resources strategy supports the company's growth strategy to meet the skill needs as well as creating a safe, prosperous and inspiring working environment, which encourages the increase of knowledge, information sharing and the challenge of self-development.

Every worker has an important role in the company's growth story, and with it the potential to develop into a strong expert in their field. Innofactor values have been created in conjunction with the staff, and they are guided by a common culture. Open communication and taking responsibility for all activities are marked. The staff is committed to, and has created the atmosphere of the unite company, which is good place to work in.

Continuous learning and satisfied employees are a base for growth

A successful recruitment of new employees, an effective orientation to tasks, developing job descriptions and the potential growth factors are tools for human resources management to ensure that the right kind of skills are available in the future. The aim is to increase Innofactors complexity of skills and the depth of them.

Innofactor encourages employees to develop their competence, which ensures plenty of internal and external training offerings. Innofactor's personnel has more than 1,600 individual Microsoft certificates and the company holds fifteen enterprise-level Microsoft Gold competencies.

Innofactor job satisfaction results show a good employee job satisfaction. Ambition and the work content, the company's management as well as the organization's functionality are the things that employees value most in Innofactor. Good atmosphere, community spirit and skilled and “easy to work with-collagues” are the strengths that will rise year after year. Also operating managers as well as the company's development-driven way to work was especially appreciated.

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Kati Tuovinen
Talent Acquisition Manager