Digital services help Hoas to assist its customers more effortlessly

Case Hoas

The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) and Innofactor designed a digital vision as part of the organization's new strategy. In addition, Innofactor implemented several digital solutions to improve and streamline Hoas' customer journey in line with the vision. Even the most challenging features and changes were implemented successfully.

At the moment, Hoas has a total of 9 399 apartments and 18 000 residents in the capital area. The foundation is continuously building new apartments. The number of apartments is estimated to reach 10 000 in the upcoming years.

"We are a non-profit foundation, that provides housing for students. Our apartments are located in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kaunianen", says the foundation CEO, Matti Tarhio.

A need for digital services is clear

Digitality was one of the key elements when designing Hoas' new strategy. Before creating the strategy, the foundation carried out several customer, brand and trend researches. These studies helped Hoas to explore future customers' needs, so that the foundation would be able to create a functioning strategy.

"Digitality had a strong presence in the surveys. After the groundwork, we moved on to build the strategy and find suitable partners to create it", Tarhio looks back.

"Innofactor was chosen as our partner through competitive tendering. The competition was tough, and many good suppliers participated. We were looking for a top-notch operator, who could help us solve even the most challenging changes."

A customer-centric operator with great attitude

Hoas and Innofactor created the foundation's digital vision and roadmap. Tarhio feels like both parties had the right attitude, which created good starting positions for a great result. Creating new is never easy, and even though some modifications caused challenges with the timing, the project was successful.

"We started with renewing our websites and then moved on to develop search functionalities. One of the most essential and innovative functionalities was the Hoas Matchie concept, which is only one of its kind in Europe", Tarhio continues.

"The cooperation was fun. In my opinion, Innofactor is a responsible operator, who is interested in solving the customer's challenges", he describes.

"The number of applications has tripled in the past three years"

Hoas wants to streamline the application process and gain competitive advantage with the help of digitality.

"All the digitality related changes Innofactor implemented have created positive results. Our application number has tripled in the past three years, which is a concrete example of success", Tarhio summarizes.

"Many factors and digital measures have contributed to creating a better end result for customers", he says.

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