Nordic Cloud Strategy 2021

2.6.2021 | Event

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2.6.2021 08:30 - 15:10 (UTC+01:00)

Nordic Cloud Strategy 2021

Cloud technology provides access to great benefits in terms of scalability, security, and flexibility - and enables access to the latest technologies.

But which cloud, architecture, and technological strategy fit your organization best?

For many organizations, it makes more sense with a mixed approach, where parts of the company's workload and IT environments are sent in the cloud, while other parts are placed in data centers. At the same time, many organizations use multiple suppliers and technologies to optimize cost and ensure optimal use of available technology.

Nordic Cloud Strategy 2021 is an interactive digital conference

As a participant at the digital conference Nordic Cloud Strategy 2021, you can live stream presentations from CIOs, experts and leading suppliers, ask questions and participate in the digital breakout session.

At the conference you will get new insights into:

  • The strategic cloud-technology choices that several leading international CIOs have made
  • Benefits and typical pitfall when using hybrid and multi-cloud.
  • What international experts see as the future of could-technology

Read more about the event here

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