Tax administration selects Innofactor as the primary provider of IT specialist services in the area of cloud specialists

26.08.2019 09:55 EEST (UTC +3)

Innofactor Plc Inside Information, released on August 26, 2019, at 9:55 Finnish time

The Tax administration has selected Innofactor in a public procurement competition as the primary provider of IT specialist services in the area of cloud specialists. The procurement consists of the ICT specialist resources to support defining, programming, testing and management of Tax administration's new and existing systems, and other technical know-how to support the Tax administration ICT. The framework arrangement has been divided into seven areas. For each area, three providers were selected and framework agreements will be signed with them area specifically. Procurements inside the framework arrangement are made based on the placement of the providers in the framework agreement competition, and the primary provider is primarily used for all separately ordered assignments within the area. A provider can have the primary position only in one area.

Based on the volume stated by the customer, the total value of the area is approximately EUR 10 to 20 million. The duration of the framework agreement is 6 years, and assignments started during the framework agreement period may continue 48 months after the expiration of the framework agreement.

Innofactor was selected as the primary provider in the area of cloud specialists, and as the third provider in the area of web technology and database specialist services.

In the area of cloud specialists, the purpose of the procurement is to expand the use of the Tax administration's MS Azure and Office365 cloud services as the platform for different systems. The emphasis in this area is on the specialist resources for the Azure cloud service infrastructure, but the services also include support, for example, for application development tools. The need for resources in the area is estimated to be approximately 15 person-workyears in 2020, 20 person-workyears in 2021, and 15 person-workyears from 2022 onwards.

The Tax administration operates under the Ministry of Finance and has approximately 5,000 employees. The development and data administration unit of the Tax administration is centrally in charge of the information technology services for the procurement unit. It provides solutions that support the operation and takes care of Tax administration's information technology reliability and data flows. The unit has approximately 200 employees. Additionally, the Tax administration is responsible for providing the technical services for the national income register.

The decision will be legally valid after the appeal period defined in the Procurement Act has passed.

Espoo, August 26, 2019


Sami Ensio, CEO

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