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Your journey to cloud transformation starts here. We'll help you to successfully design, implement and utilize cloud services and build a secure, scalable cloud platform.

We'll help you to successfully design, implement and utilize cloud services and build a secure, scalable cloud platform.

Cloud computing has become the backbone of digitalization and a core requirement for a modern organization's sustainable innovation. It enables faster business transformation by allowing organizations to access and analyze data and take new functionality and improved solutions into use quickly and effectively. Still, for millions of professionals worldwide, the overall understanding and knowledge around cloud technology is weak. To truly leverage the potential of cloud technology, one needs to re-evaluate everything one knows about IT. 

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What's in it for your organization?

  • Assess your organization's cloud readiness and build a cloud solution roadmap that best supports your objectives
  • Understand what resources are required and what's the cost implication of using cloud solutions are vs. your current state
  • Learn the best ways to adopt new technology so  your organization can make best use of it
  • Get the right tools in place for your IT pro's and developers
  • Focus on creating value for your organization and customers by managing your platform and developer tools together with a partner

Get Started with Innofactor Cloud Journey

As a leading Nordic provider of digitalization and cloud solutions and working closely with world class partners and leading Nordic customers, we have the skills and experience to help your organization take the next step in cloud transformation.

To get started, we offer you a free 1 hour consultation to walk through our Cloud Journey, a simple framework to a simple framework to successfully design, implement and use cloud services in your organization

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Five phases of the Cloud Journey framework

Cloud Journey Model

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