Flexible solution that lets you optimize and effectively manage your organization's resources

Built-in modules accommodating your organization's needs

Innofactor Prime provides your organization with a host of different modules to choose from. The modules are tailored to accommodate your organization's needs. The solution's features range from invoicing, calendar, ERP to e-Services, among others.

Easy access and quick deployment on any device

The solution's flexible user interface supports access from a variety of devices. Users can work with the solution easily from any location, on any device. Innofactor Prime can be hosted from the client's own premises, Innofactor's servers or Microsoft Azure, giving the organization freedom to implement the solution according to their needs.

Proven solution for industry specific needs


Our customers across a range of industries utilize Innofactor Prime to manage their resource bookings. The customers are a mix of different private, public and third sector organizations. Accordingly, Prime is suitable for multiple industry needs.

Easy integration with existing systems

Innofactor Prime enables easy integration to the organization's existing IT systems. Through Application Program Interface (API) -based system-to-system communication, the integration becomes smooth and simple. Our solution allows existing e-services and backend systems such as SAP or finance solutions to be interconnected with Prime.

Developed in close cooperation with client organizations

We have years of experience in Innofactor Prime implementations across a range of different industries. An example of our trusted customers are parishes, who have successfully taken the solution widely into use.

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