Identity Management Taken to the Users' Premises

14.11.2018 | Webinar

14.11.2018 03:00 - 04:00 (UTC+02:00)

Identity Management Taken to the Users' Premises

The modern user is pushing the limits and testing all borders, and they want as few restrictions as possible. To make sure the organization's security needs are met in this mix we can utilize feature like Microsoft Azure Active Directory Identity Protection. By analyzing user risk and detecting suspicious activities we can make sure annoying security features doesn't appear before they are necessary. Understanding features and possibilities, and how they can match up against the ever changing threat and temptations out there are essentials in any security strategy.


Olav Tvedt
Principal Cloud Solutions Architect, Innofactor AS

Olav is MVP for 11 years in "Cloud and Datacenter Management" and has been working with customers in many different sizes and segments. This has given Olav a foundation that he uses both during his day-to-day work and in presentations. For years he has been one of Norway's most popular speakers and doing international events such as TechDays, NIC, TechED North America/Europe, and is one of the featured speakers at Ignite 2018. You can find Olav in Twitter under @olavtwitt.



Alexander Solaat Rødland
Senior Consultant, Innofactor AS

Alexander focuses on user experience and the interrelationship of humans, computers and implementation of new technology to peoples life. He has been awarded with the MVP since 2014. He has been a frequent speaker at various local seminars, TechDays Sweden, at Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) and Ignite. You can find Alexander in Twitter under @alexsolaat.



The webinar is part of Identity & Cyber Security online seminar.

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