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28.8.2019 09:00 - 11:00 (UTC+03:00)
e-Seminar, 4 sessions, 30 minutes each

Unlock the next wave of solutions to empower your employees

It's hard to imagine any aspect of the workplace that hasn't been disrupted by new technology. From unified operations applications, customer engagement platforms, remote collaboration technologies suites, the digital business landscape is defined by countless options integration possibilities. But in reality, a high percentage of businesses aren't sure which of these technologies matter, and why.

How do you go about untangling the numerous tools available to you, scaling them to employees in a secure manner, and measuring your data for improvements?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, or worse, if you haven't even considered them, your organization could be falling behind more technologically proficient competitors who are maximizing their efficiency and internal data accessibility.

The good news is that all of these tools have never been easier to take advantage of, and your organization may even already own some of them.

Innofactor offers you an unprecedent opportunity to learn how to better leverage Microsoft 365 to make your daily work more effective and meaningful and your organization more secure.


One event, 3 tracks, 4 sessions

By joining one or more sessions in our free-of-charge Microsoft 365 Insights e-Seminar, you'll learn the latest news, tips and tricks about Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Office 365 Security packages.

The e-Seminar contains 4 sessions, each designed to deliver maximum value through practical and actionable insights and examples about modern work and collaboration on Microsoft 365.

Depending on your interests, you can choose to participate in one or more individual sessions. To make your choice easier, we've defined 3 seminar tracks aimed to help you choose which sessions to attend.


e-Seminar Tracks

  • Track 1 | The essentials of Teams, Sharepoint and Office | Sessions 1 + 2

  • Track 2 | Deploying and adopting Office 365 advanced security | Sessions 3 + 4

  • Track 3 | The full shebang – I'm a pro but pro's are end users, too | Sessions 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

To attend any track, just register to the event and you will receive an invite for the whole e-Seminar. Then, choose based on your interest, which sessions to attend and when. The individual session timings are indicated below.


Overview of the e-Seminar sessions

Session 1: Take teamwork to the next level with Microsoft Teams

Our Modern Work Principal Consultant, MVP Vesa Nopanen introduces you the latest Microsoft Teams features and benefits. In this session you will gain a better understanding of how Teams helps you to work better together.

CEST UTC+2 (SWE,NO,DK) 9:00–9:30
EEST UTC+3 (FIN) 10:00–10:30


Session 2: Sharing and collaborating securely and effectively with OneDrive and SharePoint

By joining this session you will hear from our Principal Solution Architect, MVP Olav Tvedt about securing OneDrive & SharePoint data for safer collaboration and storage. Learn the importance of information security and methods to make sure that your sensitive data are securely stored and shared in SharePoint and OneDrive.

CEST UTC +2 (SWE, NO, DK) 9:30–10:00
CEST UCT +3 (FIN) 10:30–11:00

Session 3: Protecting your data and organization with Microsoft 365

This session is about E3 and E5 security features, such as Intune and ATP, Information Protection & Compliance, and Identity & Threat Protection. Our Senior Consultant, Cyber Security Mattias Borg teaches you how to protect your organization from modern threats by leveraging advanced security features of E3 and E5.

CEST UTC +2 (SWE, NO, DK) 10:00–10:30
CEST UCT +3 (FIN) 11:00–11:30

Session 4: Successful adoption of Microsoft 365 in your organization

In this session our Modern Work Principal Consultant, MVP Vesa Nopanen will tell you how to plan, execute and measure a successful adoption. You will learn how not to waste the investments by giving a needed attention to adoption.

CEST UTC +2 (SWE, NO, DK) 10.30–11.00
CEST UCT +3 (FIN) 11.30–12.00