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Hybrid Cloud Means Flexibility

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Case GDM

GDM AB is a strategic operating partner to many companies in various industries, such as SCA, Eon, HL Display, Permobil, and SSG. The company's headquarter is in Sundsvall and has branches in Stockholm and Östersund. GDM has grown steadily by about 20 percent a year. The number of employees is approximately 100.

When the IT company GDM modernized their data center, they chose to focus on the market's latest hybrid cloud solution.

GDM has long been a traditional service provider with the responsibility for their customers' IT production. Originally, the business started as an IT support function in the forestry group SCA. Today GDM has many large and smaller customers in a variety of industries.

Hybrid cloud means flexibility

"Now we can help customers build hybrid cloud solutions that give them a much wider range of powerful IT services than before, at a lower cost. They get the best of both worlds; a mixture of public and private cloud services."
- André Jonsson, service developer at GDM Consultant.


Introduce a new modern platform for their data centers to streamline operations and meet customer demands for better performance, flexibility and lower costs.

It had become clear that GDM needed to modernize and standardize its hosting platform. Customer demands for better performance, greater flexibility and lower costs became more apparent. GDM decided to unify its data center with a public cloud. After an evaluation process, the company chose to invest in Microsoft's hybrid cloud solution. With the help of partner company Innofactor GDM could quickly implement the new platform.


Microsoft's hybrid cloud with Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Azure pack, Microsoft System Center 2012.

"The choice was easy for GDM. This is the latest and greatest hybrid cloud solution on the market. Competing vendors have been left behind, both functional and cost-wise," says Olav Norman, Service Delivery Manager at Innofactor AB. 

"Our customers do not need to care about how the underlying infrastructure looks technically," says André Jonsson. "They can instead focus on what demands they will make on the services."


GDM is now able to offer their customers powerful hybrid cloud services with better performance and flexibility, and at lower costs. An efficient self-service portal with a high degree of automation for customers. Large savings for GMD as well.

The range of services and applications is much larger than before. They are also better, cheaper and more flexible and customers themselves can order them through a self-service portal.

GDM's customers who have switched to a hybrid solution also saves money. They only pay for the capacity they need and increase or decrease as they go.

The ROI for GDM is 1,5 years. For years, GDMS operations has grown by about 20 percent a year, and it continues to grow at the same rate. "Hybrid Cloud solution supports expansion," says André Jonsson. "The platform is extremely scalable, so we can grow dynamically and easily scale up our data center."


"This is a customer case from Lumagate, which was acquired by Innofactor in 2016."

"Now we can help customers build hybrid cloud solutions that give them a much wider range of powerful IT services than before, at a lower cost."

André Jonsson
Service Developer