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Accountability. Empowerment. Innovation. Customer.

Innofactor's values and working principle

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Our values 

Accountability: We are responsive and deliver on promises.

Empowerment: We empower people to make a difference.

Innovation: We offer value through innovation.

Customer: We earn our customers' respect every day.


Our working principle

Our principle is to put people first in everything we do. We want to create solutions that make people's everyday work and life run smoothly and bring a smile to their faces.


We are responsive and deliver on promises.

Accountability makes the foundation for Innofactor's business. Sharing responsibility becomes easier, when you can trust your co-workers. Innofactor places strong emphasis on high quality work and quick delivery times. In addition, Innofactor's employees share a common characteristic of taking initiative and proactively spotting areas of improvement.


We empower people to make a difference.

By trusting each other, we at Innofactor empower each other to do our best and make a difference. We delegate responsibility to the right level and give clear and bold enough goals. Empowerment does not mean that we leave you alone but that we address the challenges together and are ready to help each other when needed. We are ready to give feedback, learn from mistakes and take the needed risks.


We offer value through innovation. 

Empowerment creates a great foundation for innovation. At Innofactor we aim to maximize customer value through innovating solutions. Customer value is not created through the number of hours we put in, but through the quality of our work. Innovation means that we want to ensure that our customers can truly enhance their operations. This requires deep customer understanding and knowledge of customers' operating environment. We invest in product development and provide our employees opportunities to grow, innovate and share ideas.


We earn our customers' respect every day. 

The purpose of our business is to serve customers in the best way possible. We want to earn our customers' trust every day. Trust is created through the business value we create for our customers through our innovative solutions and ability to demonstrate our knowledge and competences. Another key factor is frequent communication, transparency and ability to deliver on our promises in time and with high quality.