We are convinced that long-term success is based on sustainable operations.
Our digital solutions are in a key position in curbing climate change and promoting sustainable development.

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Innofactor considers sustainability as one of the cornerstones of its long-term success. Sustainability is not only a condition for the continuation of operations. It also represents a way of responding to stakeholder expectations. Technology companies play a significant role in the mitigation of – and adaptation to – climate change. The IT sector also makes it possible for other organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. Our operations are guided by our Code of Conduct and environmental policy, in addition to which we comply with the leading international sustainability standards, such as the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the principles of the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development.

Innofactor's internal operations are managed through predefined core processes and standards. The key processes related to sustainability include the company's processes relating to legal affairs, risk management, and human resources, which govern many of the main aspects of corporate responsibility. The framework for Innofactor's operations is provided by the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and AQAP-2110 standards, which the company's various processes adhere to.

Innofactor is committed to supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Accordingly, we have assessed the main objectives from the perspective of our business operations.

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Good Health and Well-Being

The IT sector can play a significant role in scaling social welfare and healthcare services by enabling access to services from any device, regardless of time and place. Innofactor is part of the national Virtual Hospital project, coordinated by the Joint Authority for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), under which we have played a leading role in the implementation of the unique Health Village concept. Health Village enables remote service of patients via mobile devices and transforms secondary care into "local services" 24/7.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an increase in the use of remote consultations, chatbots and chat services. At the same time, the Health Village's customer path and digital treatment path solutions have been used for new purposes. The Health Village Coronabot is a survey targeted at citizens that provides guidance in questions related to symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19. In addition to developing the Coronabot and solutions for tracing those exposed to COVID-19, Innofactor maintains a COVID-19 vaccination appointment app and a digital FINENTRY service that makes it easier for those arriving in Finland to get tested for COVID-19.

Innofactor takes care of its personnel's well-being by providing diverse health services and offering regular occupational physiotherapy services to improve ergonomics, for example. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched weekly exercise breaks organized by our occupational health care partner in Finland. We also deepened our cooperation with the occupational health care provider by offering lectures on self-management, delivered by an occupational psychologist, for our employees in Finland.

In spring 2020, we offered free webinars to our customers to discuss best practices for remote work and share tips on arranging organization-wide remote work under crisis conditions. The aim was to make it easier for companies to shift to remote work and support people's ability to cope with the demands of remote work.

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Gender Equality

Our personnel's diversity is in key position at Innofactor, and we see diversity as an important factor in creating innovation and supporting the organization's operating and renewal capacity. Diversity was one of Innofactor's PeopleFirst themes in 2020 and an important focus area for the company.

We provided our managers with Biased Thinking training, which underscored the importance of recognizing recruiters' personal preconceptions as part of the recruitment process. In addition, one theme we want to actively promote in terms of diversity is the employment of women in the ICT sector. In 2020, we participated in the Mimmit koodaa (Women code) program and organized a virtual workshop for women who are interested in coding.

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

We contribute to economic growth through innovation and new technologies. The measures we have taken to employ young people also help in supporting this goal. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have focused even more on the remote work opportunities of our employees and sought to offer new jobs in spite of the difficult circumstances. In Finland, we recruited nine new graduates or students nearing their graduation for the DigiStar program that began in June 2020.

Environmental Responsibility

to be part of the solution in reducing environmental impacts. The digital solutions we deliver to our customer organizations play an important role in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Digitalization of manual processes and digital healthcare are examples of solutions through which Innofactor promotes its customers' – and thereby the entire society's – sustainable development.

Our environmental policy guides the actions we take to reduce our adverse environmental impacts and respond to the challenges caused by climate change. Our environmental policy defines the principles we always follow in our own operations and in the deliveries to our customers. The principles of Innofactor's environmental policy include continuous development, improvement of preventative actions, and reacting to the changing operating environment. Innofactor complies to all applicable environmental laws and regulations and expects its partners and suppliers to comply with them as well. The environmental policy concerns the entire Innofactor Group and is available on Innofactor's website.

We regularly monitor our energy consumption and actively seek to identify further energy saving opportunities within our organization. As the use of electric and hybrid cars becomes increasingly common, we recognized the need for charging stations at our Espoo Campus. In spring 2020, we partnered with our lessor to install charging stations at our Espoo Campus. The charging stations are available for use by our employees.

Innofactor has a policy aimed at extending the lifecycle of computers. Factors considered in the renewal of computer hardware include the user's needs and the possibility of updating existing devices. In spring 2020, Innofactor participated in the campaign "a computer for everyone" and donated computers that are not needed at Innofactor but are in good condition to schoolchildren. This enabled us to extend the lifecycle of the computers.

We recycle all recyclable materials such as cardboard, organic waste, metal, plastic and glass. Our electronic waste is recycled by Kuusakoski Recycling.
Remote work is an essential part of the operations of a modern digital organization. In 2020, the global pandemic forced many organizations to switch to remote work extensively and accelerated the digital transformation of organizations. We offer our employees good opportunities for location-independent work, which can be seen in the increased number of Microsoft Teams meetings. We became fully operational with the Teams tool in the summer of 2018, with 10,000 Teams meetings throughout the year. In 2019, the number of meetings increased to well over 30,000. In 2020, this figure rose to over 80,000 as the pandemic made remote meetings an increasingly common practice. The use of Teams as a meeting tool brings added value to the operations of both Innofactor and its customers.

In 2020, we also organized an internal Nordic-level workshop on energy-efficient coding. The aim was to identify solutions for reducing energy consumption during coding. The outcome gave rise to a list of tips that we documented in a blog post in the Innofactor blog.

Social Responsibility

In 2020, Innofactor focused particularly on the PeopleFirst theme. In Finland, for example, we had quarterly PeopleFirst themes that were used as the basis for training, webinars and other activities for all Innofactor employees in Sweden as well as separate training activities for managers. The quarterly themes included self-management, recovery and well-being in knowledge work, teamwork and diversity as an asset, and self-development. In summer 2020, we also started in-house coaching in Finland. It involves Innofactor employees who have completed BCI Business Coach certification or are aiming to complete it providing coaching to interested colleagues. We also launched an internal mentoring program at Innofactor.

In 2020, we focused on managerial work in even more diverse ways than before. Through Innofactor Academy, we offered managers interaction training as well as Biased Thinking training, which underscored the importance of recognizing recruiters' personal preconceptions as part of the recruitment process. We also organized Scrum training that focused on retrospective facilitation remotely. We conducted a 360° feedback survey in which managers conducted a self-evaluation and received feedback from their subordinates, colleagues and manager.

Each employee can participate in the discussion about sustainability through a Microsoft Teams-based discussion forum, Innofactor Game Changers. In the forum, we initiate discussions and share ideas about sustainability.

In 2020, Innofactor continued the recruitment and training of students nearing their graduation. Nine new participants were recruited in Finland for the Innofactor DigiStar Trainee Program in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, Innofactor recruited and trained a total of 15 undergraduate students.

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and an innovative operating environment plays a key role in the success of organizations. At Innofactor, we are increasingly focused on harnessing the potential and strategic capabilities of our employees and giving them the freedom to apply their skills in the workplace. In 2020, we organized a one-day virtual hackathon. During the day, people working in our various business units were able to create new and innovative Microsoft-based solutions with their Nordic colleagues.

Innofactor's 20th anniversary also inspired us to make an impact beyond our digital solutions. As a result, we created a campaign, where together with Innofactor employees, we carried out 20 Good Deeds during the anniversary year. Examples of the Good Deeds include the donation of computer displays to the City of Espoo's employment services, participating in World Vegetarian Day and a kayak plogging initiative around the coastline of Espoo.

Innofactor's Danish developers came up with a solution to help employees return to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic. They used Microsoft Power Apps to design a new application that enables employees to reserve a workstation at the office. This helps ensure that the number of people at the office satisfies the safety standards and employees can maintain safe distances.


Information Security and Data Protection

Innofactor's customers require that the services provided to them are secure and that the services enable operation in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Innofactor's management has identified several critical cyber risk scenarios against which a company needs to protect itself. The company is committed to protecting its customers' and partners' information and systems, as well as its' own information and systems. In order to ensure the level of information security corresponding to the risks, Innofactor maintains a certified information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001 standard.

In its operation, Innofactor is committed to maintaining high level of data protection and respects the privacy and rights of its personnel, customers and users.

Through regular internal audits, we aim to continuously develop data protection and information security in our operations and processes. Information security and data protection are mandatory parts of induction training in addition to continuous training on information security and data protection. Innofactor's information security group meets regularly to guide the development and implementation of information security and data protection at Innofactor. The company has a designated information security manager and a data protection officer. Additionally, the company's main personal data registers have been assigned to the persons responsible for them.

In 2020, we participated in the Digital Security Week campaign in Finland and encouraged our employees to spend one working hour on promoting digital security in everyday life.

Respecting Human Rights, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

Innofactor's Code of Conduct defines the general principles and guidelines that the company's employees and partners adhere to. We arrange trainings concerning the instructions in all of our offices at regular intervals.

Transparent business in accordance with the highest ethical standards is the basis of our company's operations. We use our anonymous whistleblowing channel for reporting suspected violations of our Code of Conduct. All reports received via the channel are processed in strict confidence.

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Microsoft Partner Pledge

Innofactor has signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. Signing the Pledge indicates our commitment to use technology for good, and invest in the following four areas:

  • Digital Skills
  • Diversity
  • Responsible and Ethical AI
  • Sustainability

Learn more about the initiative here.


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