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Environmental Policy

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Innofactor is the leading driver of the modern digital organization in the Nordic countries for its approximately 1,000 customers in commercial, public and third sector. Innofactor has the widest solution offering and leading know-how in the Microsoft ecosystem in the Nordics. As a company with business operations around the Nordics, Innofactor is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its activities and responding to the challenges posed by climate change.

Sustainability is part of Innofactor's strategy and thus incorporated in the company activities. The principles of Innofactor's environmental policy include continuous development, improvement of preventative actions and reacting to the changing operating environment. The company is a provider of digital solutions and its main environmental impacts relate to its offices' energy consumption, the use of third-party data centers and business travel. Innofactor complies to all applicable environmental laws and regulations and expects its partners and suppliers to comply with them as well. The company wants to actively raise awareness of environmental matters among its stakeholders, such as Innofactor's employees, customers and suppliers. It strives to communicate its environmental commitment and performance transparently.

Innofactor offices' energy consumption is regularly reviewed and actions to minimize consumption are made whenever possible. As the premises of the Innofactor Group are located in rental properties, we can only partly affect those offices' electricity consumption. Innofactor has improved its different office locations' energy efficiency by regulating lighting, heating and cooling time and using office spaces more efficiently. In order to improve energy-efficiency, Innofactor has defined short-term development targets and started investing in the acquisition of more energy-efficient equipment. Innofactor uses third-party data centers and monitors their commitment to energy efficiency. In addition, the company always prefers public cloud providers due to public cloud's smaller environmental impact. With regards to business travel, Innofactor takes advantage of modern collaboration tools and prefers meetings online over business travel.

Furthermore, Innofactor prioritizes the following matters:

  • Encouraging all employees by providing them with the knowledge of environmental responsibility and giving information on the ways they can contribute in minimizing Innofactor's environmental impact through their own role
  • Engaging with Innofactor's customers and exploring solutions to make customers' operations also more environmentally friendly
  • Following the Energy Efficiency Act (1429/2014, as amended from time to time) and preparing reports for energy efficiency monitoring in accordance with the requirements of the Act
  • Reusing and recycling electrical devices, minimizing printing and paper consumption and recycling waste

The digital solutions Innofactor delivers to its customer organizations play an important role in mitigating and adapting to climate change. Digitalization of paper processes is an example of a solution through which Innofactor can reduce its customers' and thereby the entire society's environmental impact. Innofactor will communicate the progress and challenges relating to its operations' environmental responsibility transparently to all stakeholders. Moreover, the company wants all Innofactor employees to understand their role in minimizing the company's environmental impacts and integrate sustainability in their daily work.

This policy is regularly reviewed and compliance is monitored.