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Purpose, Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our mission: Driving the modern digital organization

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Innofactor's Purpose, Mission, Vision and Strategy


Our purpose

Innovating to make the world work better

Our mission

Driving the modern digital organization

Our vision

Leading Nordic digital transformation partner in the Microsoft ecosystem

Our strategic choices

  • The most competent Nordic teams
  • Productized and specialized offering
  • Proactive and agile way of working
  • Innovation with top customers

Our long-term financial goals

  • To achieve annual growth of about 20 percent, of which majority is intended to be achieved by organic growth
  • To achieve about 20 percent EBITDA in relation to the net sales
  • To keep the cash flow positive and secure solid financial standing in all situations

The key actions for reaching the 20 percent growth and 20 percent operating margin

  1. We will improve the efficiency of our operations and increase our invoicing rate. This will be achieved by, for example, enhancing sales, improving the management of project and service contracts, enhancing the allocation of human resources, and developing our self-organized team models.
  2. We will increase the share of SaaS services and licenses to over 33 percent of net sales from the current level of approximately 32 percent. This will be achieved by, for example, developing our offering and focusing our sales efforts on customers and solution areas with the highest growth potential and that present the best opportunities for scaling our existing offering in each of the Nordic countries.
  3. We will increase the number of employees engaged in invoiced services. This will be achieved by, for example, maintaining a high annual level of recruitment of new university graduates, concentrating the recruitment of senior professionals to our Nordic recruitment team, increasing the competence of our employees through certifications, keeping employee turnover low, improving the efficiency of subcontracting and investing in the development of our employer image.
  4. We will become an even more proactive player in the Nordic M&A field. This will be achieved by, for example, through the internal reorganization of operations, emphasizing the role of country directors in actively seeking new potential acquisition targets in their respective countries.