Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our mission: Driving the #ModernDigitalOrganization

Innofactor's Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our mission:

Driving the #ModernDigitalOrganization

Our vision:

The leading provider of organizations' digital transformation in each of the Nordic countries

Our strategy for achieving this vision includes:

  • The best Nordic professionals in the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Highly productized cloud offering and managed services
  • A proactive, value-adding and flexible delivery model
  • Innovation creation with leading customers in selected industries

Our long term financial goal is to grow profitably:

  • By achieving annual growth of about 20 percent, of which majority is intended to be achieved by organic growth
  • By achieving about 20 percent EBITDA in relation to the net sales
  • By keeping the cash flow positive and securing solid financial standing in all situations

The main actions for reaching the approximately 20 percent growth and 20 percent operating margin:

  • Focus on selected industries and solution areas (customer journeys) that provide the highest growth opportunities and allow us to best scale existing offering in the Nordics
  • Focus on current customers and cross sales to get a bigger share of wallet of customers' digital transformation budgets
  • Improving modern digital marketing and sales skills to achieve better and more cost-effective sales results
  • Focus on competence planning, recruiting and resource optimization across Nordics
  • Shifting revenues from projects and professional services toward products, IP-based and continuously managed services that support selected solution areas and industries
  • Strengthening continuously our specialists' professional skills and improving our leading offering in order for our customers to pay hour price above market average
  • Aiming to move to self-organized teams and to reduce organizational layers achieving better communication and faster decision making
  • Continuously improving our flexible value-adding delivery model minimizing number of non-invoiced hours and maximizing customer satisfaction

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