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Be the Real You

Join our agile and Nordic work culture that prioritizes people and collaboration!

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Career opportunities at Innofactor


We employ nearly 600 professional and enthusiastic experts in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, who share an interest to work with innovation and the latest technology. 

Our teams are autonomous and self-organized and take responsibility for their own work and clients. As an employer, we offer the resources, tools, and projects, but the teams decide which technologies, languages, and frameworks they want to use to solve their tasks. We are proud of what we create, and our team model supports our experts’ ability to work on projects in their own way, while also delivering the best possible quality to our customers. 

At Innofactor, you can be yourself! We don’t expect everyone to be cut from the same cloth, and therefore every Innofactorian is treated as an individual. You’ll be able to meet people across teams and units through shared activities and trainings, or you can focus on working within your own team, or anything in between! 


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Career at Innofactor

Keen to work in a place where you can be the real you?


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Why Innofactor?

Work time & place

Innofactor has flexible remote work policies, and flexitime brings freedom to workdays. Our teams decide their own common work policies together. Innofactor's offices from Copenhagen to Oulu and Bergen to Lappeenranta are open to all of our employees, and make it possible to work anywhere in the Nordic countries.

Professional development

We want to make sure that our experts learn new things and develop their skills continuously. That means you can take certification exams throughout the year. We also support career paths inside the organization, so if there is a different unit or task you'd like to switch to, we are happy to accommodate!

Self-organized teams

Teamwork makes the dream work! Our self-organized teams have the power, while the management has a supporting role. Our teams use agile methods and work in different customer projects.


We trust our employees and give them autonomy when it comes to completing projects. Our teams have a say on the technologies we use in projects. We work to improve the welfare and co-operation of our professionals by actively collecting feedback and creating collaboration opportunities amongst the Nordics. We offer various kinds of additional rewards for our employees to thank them for a job well done.

High-quality professional guidance

We value employee support! Our People Managers, Business Coaches, and In-house Agile coaches are all happy to help with any challenges you may face.

And more!

Each country has a variety of their own perks. Read more from our country-specific pages!

Our promise

In our inclusive work atmosphere, we support each team member to excel and make an impact. Experience our agile and Nordic work culture that prioritizes people and collaboration.

Flexible and team-oriented way of working We play as a team
Opportunity to develop and make a personal impact Evolve as an expert
Agile leadership Trust and continuous learning

Career Stories

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Our values 

Innofactor's values are accountability, empowerment, innovation and customer.

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Our purpose

Innovating to make the world work better.

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