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Be the real you

Our promise to you

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Be the real you

In our inclusive work atmosphere, we support each team member to excel and make an impact. Experience our agile and Nordic work culture that prioritizes people and collaboration.

The three pillars of our employee value proposition

Flexible and team-oriented way of working

"We have a really flat organizational structure here at Innofactor, which allows us to work in small self-managed teams."

Joni Ylikorpi, Finance Specialist


"You have this welcoming and heartwarming athmosphere of people caring for eachother."

Trine Sørensen, Office Manager

At Innofactor we want to provide our employees the flexibility they need. We value a healthy work-life balance, which shows in flexible working hours and remote work possibilities.

We play as a team. You can always find a colleague to help or exchange ideas with, even across Nordics through our community of experts. We empower individuals, promote continuous learning, and foster a sense of community and productivity. 

Opportunity to develop and make a personal impact

"...Ownership of their tasks is quite important to help [employees] motivate the development of their own skills."

Niklas MacDowall, Consultant Manager


"Innofactor has supported me with my personal growth and development by providing me with mentorship and training programs, both from Microsoft and internally, so I can better develop my skills."

Klaudia Janusz, Junior Consultant

The opportunity to develop and make a personal impact means our employees have the chance to grow professionally, contribute meaningfully, and make a difference in their work.


Agile leadership


"Agile leadership in practice is about trust between people. If we can trust our employees to do the right things out in the field, together with the customer, we will succeed." 

– Martin Söderlind, Country Manager in Sweden

"As a leader I'm here to serve people, remove obstacles, and help them achieve their goals" 

Kaisa Majava, People Manager

In the ever-changing IT sector we need to learn and adapt, this is what our leaders are good at. Our leaders communicate Innofactor's direction and are here to empower others, because we have full trust in our employees' expertise.

Our leaders create a safe and open environment where it's ok to make mistakes and voice your opinions, because these things help us grow.