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Choose the Nordic Forerunner as your Microsoft 365 Partner

Microsoft Office 365

Empower your employees with the right productivity tools

Your employees are surely your organization's most important asset — enabling them to reach their potential, securely, is any organization's central goal. Modern collaboration toolset like Microsoft 365 will increase employees' job mobility, co-working and ultimately productivity.

Empower and connect with Microsoft 365 and Teams, securely

Microsoft 365 enables a flexible, efficient and secure working platform for your entire organization. Apps like Microsoft Teams show the user all required information, stopping the floods of emails, connecting you with the content shared and stored in cloud. Your IT can manage 365 easily, with the regular updates bringing every employee enhanced features automatically.

Microsoft 365 has the following services and more:

Benefit from an experienced partner in your next Microsoft 365 implementation

With the help of an experienced Microsoft 365 partner you make communication and data availability seamless and enable a controlled and safe virtual working environment. Our experience with Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint has provided us with a best-in-class insights of the best practices. Our team of professionals will help you to engage your employees in the implementation of new solutions, ensuring your organization's return on investment.

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