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Modern working with Microsoft Office 365

Save the Children Denmark's Champion program utilizes Microsoft Office 365 services to promote a digital transformation in the organization's working culture

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Case Save the Children Denmark

Save the Children is an international politically and religiously independent non-governmental organization that focuses particularly on promoting children's rights and supporting children who live in difficult conditions. Established in 1919 in the United Kingdom, the organization now operates in more than 120 countries.

Innofactor's Danish subsidiary partnered with Save the Children Denmark to establish the Champion program to promote the digital transformation of the work community. The Champion program's purpose is to help Save the Children Denmark carry out its mission of improving the way children are treated and achieving immediate and permanent improvements in the lives of children in Denmark and throughout the world.

The program facilitates collaboration within the organization and makes work more efficient and convenient, which also reduces the administrative costs. This helps ensure that as much of the donated funds as possible go directly to children in need.


Champion network received Microsoft Office 365 training

The Champion program was participated in by eight employees who formed a network of key individuals. The participants represented different units within the Save the Children Denmark organization. They had a common desire to change the way day-to-day work is performed, and they were all interested in and committed to the project.

The employees participating in the Champion network received training in the modern working methods and skills supported by Microsoft Office 365, which they could subsequently teach to other members of their respective teams. The participants also began using Yammer, which is a flexible and lightweight platform for sharing information. It made work easier and made it convenient to share experiences and questions related to day-to-day work.

The members of the network still meet each other regularly and act as facilitators of the Save the Children organization's digital transformation. For Save the Children, their experience with the program as a whole and Innofactor as a program partner have been very positive.

"We decided to invest in the Champion program to promote change in our working culture. The main focus of the program was to have key members of the organization introduce new, modern working methods to their workplaces based on Microsoft Office 365 services. The primary goal was to train these key individuals to ensure that they recognize the value of the Microsoft Office 365 toolbox. Further priorities included abandoning old ways of working and learning new and more flexible organization-wide collaboration methods.

Innofactor helped us with this process and provided a structure for it. They have worked in close cooperation with us and we find that our constructive dialogue with Innofactor brought a great deal of added value to the project. We now have a highly active community of key individuals who help drive change within the organization and help us get more out of the Microsoft Office 365 services."

Rikke Bygballe Møller 
Project Manager
Red Barnet

Mads Gaub
Red Barnet


"We now have a highly active community of key individuals who help drive change within the organization and help us get more out of the Microsoft Office 365 services."

Rikke Bygballe Møller, Project Manager       
Mads Gaub, CIO
Red Barnet

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to Save the Children Denmark:

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