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Decreased administrative work and increased focus on network activities with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams improved internal communication and reduced the amount of administrative work at Ruter Dam

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Ruter Dam helps female leaders advance to higher management positions

Ruter Dam, founded in 1987, is a Swedish membership organization that offers an Executive Development and Mentoring Program for female senior leaders. Its goal is to help female managers reach high-level positions in business.

When the Ruter Dam program was launched, few women held high-level leadership positions. Today, the situation is quite different. Approximately 1,300 women have completed the Ruter Dam program to date, and many of them now hold key leadership positions in the Swedish business sector. After completing the one-year program, the participants are invited to join Ruter Dam's Business Network, a vibrant platform where members actively interact and exchange ideas.

Channels in Microsoft Teams enable better communication

For a long time, Ruter Dam had considered that increasing digitalization could benefit its membership management. Manual processes became very time-consuming as the organization grew.

The deployment of the new solution was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting need to organize digital meetings. Ruter Dam wanted to use Microsoft applications and it saw long-term potential in Teams channels that allow members to maintain contact with each other. Ruter Dam decided to take the crucial step of building a sustainable membership solution that enables better communication, information security and administration.

Innofactor implemented a solution built around Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ruter Dam chose Innofactor as its implementation partner. Innofactor proposed a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can also be integrated with third-party applications.

The solution delivered by Innofactor has three primary advantages. Firstly, it improves the management of data and requires less administrative work, which ensures that the process does not depend on any single individual. Secondly, it improves interaction between members by enabling communication via Teams. Thirdly, it improves management between third-party applications such as Eventbrite and Mailchimp. The project began in summer 2020 and the new membership solution has been gradually deployed since December 2020.

How it was done

The following technologies were a part of Ruter Dam's solution:

"The continuous growth of our organization, which has been further accelerated by the launch of the Spader Ess program for women who are in the early stages of their managerial career, has significantly increased the number of contact points. We felt it was important to free up time spent on administrative tasks so we can focus more on our program and network. Innofactor has played a vital role in the achievement of this goal."


Helena Velin
Member Responsible
Ruter Dam

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