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Apotti is an extensive Finnish change project of the social services and healthcare field that was created by HUS and several municipalities. The project's aim is to create a mutual social and healthcare system that benefits both employees and citizens. Hundreds of different information systems form a complicated entity and according to estimates, doctors' spend a third of their working time struggling with IT problems.

To further streamline the project's internal communication, Innofactor suggested the implementation of OnePoint intranet, which is connected to Microsoft Office 365 cloud service. The solution offers a responsive and easy-to-use intranet which enables more efficient communication, sharing of information and accessibility for each device, irrespective of time and place, on a familiar Microsoft SharePoint platform.

The project started quickly in June and the launch date was set to August, when 150 new employees would start working. With the quick start, Innofactor and Apotti project group held a few workshops to determine the guidelines for the new intranet, taking advantage of OnePoint's agile implementation model. Apotti's project group were able to use the brand new intranet already before holidays and the main users were trained in July. After some fine-tuning, Apotti launched its intranet in August, like they had planned.

"OnePoint solution offers Apotti an intranet, that supports different ways of communicating. The intranet has multiple features that make the daily use simple. In addition, Apotti's intranet is designed to take into account cloud solutions' frequent update cycle," says Oskar Paakkarinen, consultant, Innofactor.

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User-friendly and simple intranet

In many customer organizations, intranet's front page is the first thing they see when they open their browser in the morning. Its impact to the working day should thus not be underestimated. Too much information and confusing outlook are things that guarantee the employee will start disliking the intranet. Apotti's project group wanted to make the intranet's front page visually appealing and clear. The design was a mix of graphical design, responsiveness, categorized news highlights, social media channels, event calendar, users' blogs and videos from the O365 video portal.

One of the most important features Apotti wanted was to be able to publish news and lift them up to the front page easily. Publishing and updating is easy with OnePoint solution: users can comment and like news with the help of SharePoint's own functionalities. In addition, the content creators can easily add new news categories and lifts to the intranet's front page.

Apotti's existing SharePoint work spaces were combined with the intranet with a global navigation, to make the user experience consistent. Innofactor's helped Apotti in migrating the documents from the old SharePoint environment taking advantage of third party's tool, which has extensive possibilities to reporting and migrations. Work spaces are used to manage Apotti project's documents with functionalities such as meta data, version management, shared editing and other functionalities, familiar from the Office apps.

"Apotti project is going forward swiftly. Functioning internal communication is critical in order for the project to succeed. Our objective is a user-friendly and clear intranet. The timetable was challenging to say the least, but the implementation was overall successful," says Johanna Klemetti, Apotti's Director of Communications.

"The timetable was challenging to say the least, but the implementation was overall successful."

Johanna Klemetti
Director of Communications

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