Identity & Access Management

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Identity and access management
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Easy and secure way to manage and control your users' access rights and permissions

Today, organization's employees require flexibility and expect security. There are multiple devices and services in use simultaneously and new people are hired and onboarded daily.  In addition, there are external stakeholders who need a secure and controlled access to various internal services and resources.

Organizations must have a flexible and scalable identity and access management to gain and administer the control of users and resources, like PC's and mobile devices. Additionally with the latest solutions companies can enhance security by enabling:

  • Single-sign on access
  • 2-step verification
  • Instant right revoke
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Why Innofactor?

Innofactor has the Nordics' leading Microsoft ecosystem expertese. We have experience working with organizations demanding the highest level of security. Whether it's an on-prem or Azure AD-based solution we will ensure you have the perfect match of security and usability. Innofactor will help you to:

  • Gain cost-efficiency through automation and employee self-service
  • Allow easy scalability while not overloading IT resources
  • Enable controlled user environment with granular permissions
  • Support for easy external workforce and their access management
  • Flexibly manage employee team or organizational change
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