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Mobile application for operations control

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Innofactor's mobile application helps Skanska Konevuokraus with ordering and delivery of hired machines

Skanska Konevuokraus hires out thousands of items of machinery and equipment to construction companies. Up until recently, delivery, returns and maintenance notifications were all handled using paper forms. Innofactor developed a mobile application for Skanska Konevuokraus for operations management. It has enabled the company to completely do away with paper forms, saving money and employee time.

Skanska Konevuokraus' managing director Tommi Lyytinen says that there was good cooperation with Innofactor right from the beginning, with mutual trust between the two companies. Skanska Konevuokraus personnel were also involved in developing the mobile application.

"Innofactor's contact person got to know our operations and how machine and equipment rental works. This helped with the implementation of the project", says Lyytinen.

International cooperation

It took a total of four months to create the mobile application. Joint meetings were held once a week throughout the project. Skanska is a multinational company, and the cooperation also extended to Sweden.

"We had a Finland-Sweden team, and Innofactor was also involved in it.
The schedule was tight and the budget was agreed on", says Lyytinen.

"Things were taken care of immediately, with no unnecessary delays."

Goodbye to paper forms

Thanks to the mobile application developed by Innofactor, Skanska Konevuokraamo's order and delivery process has become faster and more efficient.

"We've done away with paper forms completely, so we no longer have to pay for those services", Lyytinen says.

"We were left with a very good impression of Innofactor. The project had to be modified slightly along the way, but Innofactor was flexible and met our requests as needed."

"The schedule was tight and the budget was agreed on. Things were taken care of immediately, with no unnecessary delays."

Tommi Lyytinen
Skanska Konevuokraus

How it was done

The following solutions and technologies, among others, are a part of of the overall solution delivered to Skanska Konevuokraus:

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