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Innofactor MMS – membership system for unions and membership organizations

Streamlines membership management and increases the ability to retain and acquire new members

MMS - membership management

Who needs the system?

Innofactor MMSTM is a membership system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and adapted to the needs of unions, federations, and membership organizations. It is suitable for those who want to digitize their membership management and membership acquisition. It is especially suitable if you are already using other Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Why Innofactor MMSTM?

By digitizing membership management and communication, you can get more done at a lower cost. You can deliver better services to the members faster and create new opportunities to both retain members and acquire new ones.

Innofactor MMSTM helps your coworkers spend more of their time on counselling, member services and member acquisition, rather than on manual administration.

There is however a prerequisite to be able to streamline and automate. Namely, organized data as well as tools to be able to use this data in different ways.

Membership data is the core of a membership business and of Innofactor's membership system MMSTM.

What is included in Innofactor MMSTM?

The basic features of Innofactor's MMSTM are:

  • Membership administration: Manage and automate processes throughout the membership life cycle, from creation to termination of membership.
  • Business and member register: Maintain a complete overview of your members. Manage all information that relates to the member and the employer in a preconfigured basic set. Or adapt to meet new needs as you develop new member-based products and services.
  • Administration of elected representatives: Manage club and assignments and make it easy for elected representatives. For example, by providing them with the right information for implementing and following up on activities.
  • Ledger and notification: Invoice easier through automated fee calculation and notification. Simple and efficient management of history as well as payments and reminders.
  • Self-service portal: Give the members the option to manage their own data and member-related services via "my pages"
  • Campaigns and mailings: Send emails to members and increase the accuracy of your marketing communications by targeting different groups.
  • Case management: Get a consolidated view of each member's cases and reduce personal dependency in your member service.
  • Analytics module: Make better data-driven decisions based on well-founded analyzes and reports that visualize member information, statistics and history.
  • Course and event administration: Streamline and automate the planning and execution of courses and events. Access to tools for monitoring and feedback.
  • Document management: Manage documents efficiently by storing everything in Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Integrations: Integrate the membership system with 3rd party providers and services to achieve additional synergies.

As add-ons, modules are available for automated communication, for example:

  • Mail engine for segmented mass mailings
  • Tools to automate onboarding and offboarding of members
  • Possibility to create automated mailings, via email and SMS, based on different triggers

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