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Data, Analytics and AI

Enable data-driven business and decision-making in your organization by leveraging advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning

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Modern companies harness their most valuable asset – data

Modern, high-performing companies are driven by data and analytics. From the marketing department to product development and from sales teams to human resources, enormous amounts of data is being created every day. Unleash the full potential of your company's operational performance and improve your competitive advantage by harnessing your most valuable asset – data.

Remove barriers to data to unlock innovation

We help to shape your organization's data-driven vision by evaluating your organization's current state, creating a Data Strategy and a Roadmap for you:

  • What are the main business processes and objectives?
  • What kind of data is produced, and what are the most important sources of internal and external data?
  • How and to what extent is data utilized in reporting and systems?

After creating a roadmap and identifying the development items, we find out the best route to a Modern Data Estate. If on-premises data needs to be migrated to the cloud, we define the best practices for the migration.

By choosing the Nordic's leading Microsoft Azure partner, you benefit from our professionals' leading experience and knowledge about cloud migrations, successful cloud implementation, and established cloud governance model.

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Create insights to enhance decision making

The amount of data created within an organization increases exponentially. The modern organization empowers its employees, decision makers and stakeholders by leveraging real-time data to support their strategic decision making:

  • Provide relevant insights to your customers with event-driven data about product and service delivery.
  • Power operational decision making through real-time analytics and actionable insights.
  • Connect your real assets to your digital estate to enhance capacity management and maintenance.

Enhance the decision-making capabilities in your organization and gain competitive advantage by harnessing the potential of data with Innofactor DataSight, a near real-time analytics and reporting solution utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and any other relevant data source.

Digitize business processes through integration

Data in sources such as ERP and CRM is often fragmented, duplicated, and outdated, which makes it difficult to analyze company performance against Key Performance Indicators. Managing the master data requires a controlled and coordinated process:

  • Enable customer centric digital business through streamlined data governance processes.
  • Increase value of your data assets based on professional data quality management.
  • Adopt a shared platform to enable data stewardship and cross functional collaboration.

Empower people to create business insights

When data is located in a centralized place, it is easily accessible and empowers people to create business insights. There are a lot of advantages to be gained by tapping into organizational data and breaking down data silos:

  • Extend your data ecosystem with external data aligned to your internal business needs.
  • Fast track access to fit for purpose data transformed, processed, and delivered on-demand.
  • Instant access to secure and sophisticated data preparation and processing technologies.
  • Advanced data workloads, such as Artificial Intelligence and ML, are at your disposal from fast PoC's to scalable, production-ready solutions.

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