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Low-code Development with Microsoft Power Platform

Enable cost-efficient and fast task automation, process digitalization and app development with low-code development on Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform: Power Automate Power BI and Power Apps

Low-code is the new black in software development

Microsoft low-code solutions such as Power Apps and Power Automate enable teams to automate tasks and processes and create light integrations and apps with ease. Innofactor provides its customers low-code development services for various needs. We can help customer IT and business teams to:

  • Create low-code strategies and roadmaps.
  • Build PoCs and small scale apps, automations and integrations.
  • Build larger scale customized solutions utilizing low-code techniques.

Automate your bottleneck business processes

Increased sales is not the only road to long-term profitability. You should also think about all the manual processes and disconnected data that might hinder you down. Gone are the days when eliminating manual processes requires complicated modifications to the solutions themselves. Instead, now you can extend the capabilities with easy automations to advanced scenarios with Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and other enablers.

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Build customized solutions with low-code

Our customized solutions team is experienced in developing a broad scale of software solutions using the fast and flexible Microsoft low-code development tools. This is is our recommended approach for scenarios where a full-scale agile scrum project is too heavy an approach but where no off-the-shelf solutions suit the customer need. Examples of projects we've done include:

  • Customer facing web and mobile applications.
  • Internal automation solutions for sales, marketing, HR and project business.
  • Custom CRM and ERP implementations that utilize Microsoft platform technologies.

Microsoft Power Platform consists of easy to use enterprise-grade services

  • Power Automate – efficient process automation builder that helps to get rid of the hindering bottlenecks.
  • Power Apps – low-code app development platform that can capture needed task-specific data and feed it back to your systems.
  • Power BI – gain insights from your data regardless of where it lies.
  • Power Virtual Agents – build no-code virtual agents that can be integrated easily to hundreds of services and systems out of the box.

Choose a leading partner

Innofactor has the leading expertise in all three needed Microsoft technologies:

The combination of our focus to drive value to our customers and new Innovation Factory framework will guarantee your organization a clever step towards optimizing your operations.

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