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Here you can find more information about our sales, customer support and invoicing as well as our Nordic offices. Learn also the story behind our headquarters, Espoo Campus.


You can contact our sales by e-mail or +358 10 272 9000.


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More Personal Digital Customer Experience

  • Service Design
  • Websites and Mobile Apps
  • Digital Customer Service and Marketing Automation

Eveliina Ormio
Sales Manager, Digital Experience
+358 50 408 1512

Higher Operational Productivity

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Quality & Management Solutions
  • Information & Case Management
  • HR & Talent Management

Kimmo Immonen
Sales Director, Business Productivity
+358 40 530 4335

Modern Employee Experience

  • Digital Collaboration & Mobile Work

Joni Ikonen
Sales Manager, Digital Experience
+358 40 761 9901


Secure Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Infrastucture, Governance, Security & GDPR
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)
  • Managed Cloud Services

Jens Holm
Solution Sales Manager, Cloud Platform
+358 40 358 1755

Data-Driven Business

  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Ville Vakkilainen
Director, Business Productivity
+358 50 401 5110

Customer Support

Our support function offers instruction throughout each software solution's life-cycle. Innofactor's clients can access continuous support by phone and e-mail. Our support consists of experts in customer care dedicated on finding solutions for any questions concerning the use of the software.

tel +358 10 272 9800

Service hours on weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 16:30 p.m.
Customer support is fordesignated customers depending on the agreement.


To ensure successful use of the systems Innofactor offers its customers up-to-date instructions. For users of software programs, these come in three ways: online instructions for each user interface, user manuals, and optional customer-specific "quick" guides.


Our electronic invoicing addresses can be found below. The operator is Basware Corp. and the operator code is BAWCFI22.

Innofactor Oyj

VAT number: FI06861637
E-invoicing address: 003706861637
PO Box 871, 00026 BASWARE, Finland

Innofactor Software Oy

VAT number: FI16390218
E-invoicing address: 003716390218
PO Box 871, 00026 BASWARE, Finland

Innofactor Business Solutions Oy

VAT number: FI23481177
E-invoicing address: 003723481177
PO Box 871, 00026 BASWARE, Finland

Innofactor CS Oy

VAT number: FI06332022
E-invoicing address: 003706332022
PO Box 871, 00026 BASWARE, Finland


Contact information

Keilaranta 9
FI-02150 Espoo, Finland (purchase invoices) (sales invoices)
+358 10 272 9000

Our Offices

We have offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. You can find all the office locations and contact infos underneath.


Espoo Head Office

Innofactor Plc
Keilaranta 9
FI-02150 Espoo, Finland
Tel  +358 10 272 9000
Fax +358 10 272 9001

Innofactor Campus

The Innofactor headquarters and Espoo office, Innofactor Campus, is located in Keilaranta 9 on historical property.

The premises is a unique environment with natural surroundings and a seaside sauna, partly designed by the renowned architect Aarne Ervi(1910-1977) originally as a holiday resort for Kansallis Bank's employees. As the main building, where the Campus restaurant is currently located, represented the finest Finnish design of its time, it was selected to accommodate European royalty during the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

The main building functioned in the 1950's as the holiday resort's activity center where the bank's employees and their family members played the table game carrom among other things. Hence, the place was also called the Otaniemi casino.

The functionality, good traffic connections and location adjacent to the Aalto University are important factors.

In 1975 the Finnish government rented the property to the US delegation attending the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE). The property has also accommodated companies such as Danisco (former Cultor), Nokia and Tallink Silja.



Hämeenkatu 20
FI-33200 Tampere
+358 10 272 9000


Lemminkäisenkatu 46
FI-20520 Turku
+358 10 272 9000


Microkatu 1
FI-70210 Kuopio
+358 10 272 9000


Kehräämöntie 3
FI-87400 Kajaani
+358 10 272 9000


Valtakatu 49
FI-53100 Lappeenranta
+358 10 272 9000




Innofactor AB
Drottninggatan 68, 5tr
SE-111 21 Stockholm
+46 8 20 97 30


Innofactor AB
Skaraborgsvägen 3
SE-506 30 Borås
+46 8 66 53 300


Innofactor AB
Magasinallen 2
SE-891 34 Örnsköldsvik
+46 8 66 53 300




Innofactor A/S
Parken, Øster Allé 48
DK-2100 København Ø
+ 45 70 26 36 70


Innofactor A/S
Åbogade 15
DK-8200 Aarhus N
+ 45 70 26 36 70




Innofactor AS
Strandveien 8
NO-1366 Lysaker
+47 22 44 33 23


Innofactor AS
Bassengbakken 4
NO-7042 Trondheim
+47 22 44 33 23


Innofactor AS
Nordre Nøstekaien 1
NO-5011 Bergen
+47 22 44 33 23


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