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Enabling Holding Aps deal has been closed - Innofactor will pay the first part with new company shares

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31.12.2013 00:00

Innofactor Plc Stock Exchange Release December 31, 2013, at 16:05 Finnish time

On December 13, 2013, Innofactor Plc signed a contract to purchase the entire share capital of Enabling Holding ApS and its subsidiaries Enabling ApS and Enabling Sweden AB (together Enabling Group) from the company management. In accordance with the contract published on December 13, 2013, the purchase price will depend on Enabling Group’s realized EBITDA in 2014. The minimum purchase price is approximately EUR 1.6 million and the maximum purchase price is approximately EUR 4.0 million. The purchase price will be paid mainly in Innofactor Plc shares and a minority in cash.

The final Closing of the deal took place today.

The Innofactor Board of Directors has decided, in accordance with the Authorization received in the September 17, 2013 Extraordinary General Meeting, on a directed share issue related to the final closing of the deal which will be used to pay for the first part of the purchase price with new company shares. In addition, approximately EUR 0.04 million of the first part of the purchase price will be paid in cash. Innofactor will issue 1.244.685 new shares. The number of Innofactor Plc shares will be 32.153.737 in total when the 1.244.685 shares issued by the company have been registered in the Trade Register. The new shares correspond to 3.87% of the share number after the share issue. The new shares will be registered in the Trade Register approximately at the beginning of January 2014. The trading of the new shares is estimated to begin in the Helsinki Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki) in January 2014.

The share price of the Innofactor shares used for paying for the first part of the purchase price was EUR 1.26, which was the closing price of December 30, 2013.

The rest of the purchase price is intended to be paid with Innofactor Plc’s shares during the first half of 2015. All Innofactor shares used as payment in this transaction are subject to transfer restrictions which are gradually released during 2014 to 2017.

Espoo, December 31, 2013


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Sami Ensio, CEO
Innofactor Plc
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