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The Legal Register Centre selects Innofactor as the provider of the HAIPA system

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16.03.2018 17:05 CEST/EET (UTC +2)

Innofactor Plc Stock Exchange Release March 16, 2018, at 17:05 Finnish time


The Legal Register Centre has selected Innofactor in a public procurement competition as the provider of a service package, which target is an ERP and case management information system in which data will be handled in an electronic format throughout the entire administrative court process. The background for this is the government HAIPA project, which aims at renewing the work methods of the administrative courts (the Supreme Administrative Court, administrative courts, the Administrative Court of Åland, the Insurance Court, the Market Court, and the Labor Court) and enabling electronic collaboration with other authorities, private law organizations, and citizens. Realizing the goals means improving the efficiency of the administrative courts and the authorities that made the decisions under appeal, and thus improving the citizens' legal protection.

The system provided by Innofactor will be based on the Innofactor's Dynasty product. The system delivery is planned to be implemented during 2018 and 2019. The procurement covers the system delivery, further development and maintenance of the system, and the required software licenses. The customer has estimated the total value of the contract (excluding VAT) to be EUR 1,955,363.

"This is a very significant system for the judicial administration, and it is great to get to implement it together with the top experts in the field. The deal further strengthens Innofactor's leading position in the case management market in Finland," says Innofactor's CEO Sami Ensio.

The Legal Register Centre is an agency in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice whose function is to act as the controller for information systems and registers in the administration sector of the Ministry of Justice as well as to convey information reported by authorities in the administration sector to other authorities. The Legal Register Centre is responsible for enforcement tasks relating to fines, forfeitures, payments and claims, and has the right to be heard on behalf of the State in these duties. The Legal Register Centre is responsible for maintaining registers used for research purposes under the mandate of a unit in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice as well as for duties related thereto. It is also responsible for maintaining and developing information systems in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with agencies in the administrative sector as agreed in service agreements. The Legal Register Centre provides the necessary services itself or procures them from other service providers.

The decision will be legally valid after the appeal period defined in the Procurement Act has passed.

Espoo, March 16, 2018


Sami Ensio, CEO

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