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Innofactor Sweden delivers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent to Market Partner

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28.05.2018 11:00 EEST (UTC +3)

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Market Partner is the first customer in Sweden to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent for its candidate management

Dynamics 365 Talent gives a complete overview of the personnel skills sets, involvement and development. Today's employees choose to work for companies where they can develop and forge a career. This makes it simpler for today's HR departments to evaluate and keep their valuable personnel.

Market Partner provides marketing and business development services in IT and Telecom and needs to attract new candidates while managing existing ones in the database and matching them with different jobs.

Choosing Talent

When Market Partner phased out its existing solution Access, they needed to look at different options. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent was chosen because it was a standard system that was easy to customize to specific needs and included a complete palette of reports and cross-referencing tools. The solution also increases ability to search for skills sets and match individuals in large quantities of personal data.

Compared with other systems, one of the deciding factors was being able to take a specific part out of the box and be up and running at short notice. Talent could also be customized and developed with all Microsoft's solutions and with the same interfaces they use today.

Quickly up and running

One key parameter was the ability to get the system quickly up and running. The company therefore chose the standard module which meant it was able to tackle the first stage – mapping individuals with positions – after only 2 weeks.

Market Partner has changed its whole approach by performing day-to-day tasks via Talent rather than by e-mail, meetings and phone calls. The aim is to "build away" manual work, save time and get a complete overview of every customer and candidate. Both company and candidates benefit from enhanced cooperation and more time-saving options.

"We understood the importance of GDPR well in advance. We are already largely in compliance with it, but not fully. This became a key factor when we discussed how to move forward both internally and with our candidates with whom we are in constant contact. After a meeting with Innofactor we saw Talent's advantages and decided quickly that it was the perfect solution for us. It would allow us to get quickly up and running and gradually grow with the solution," says Christoffer Frisell, CEO of Market Partner.

"Tomorrow's HR faces many exciting challenges. Attracting, keeping and developing your personnel is the key to maintaining business momentum. HR departments have a lot of information that can be crucial for many future decisions. Information that will allow HR to act as the strategic unit it was meant to be," says Viktor Lundqvist, Country Manager, Innofactor Sweden. "We look forward to an exciting partnership with Market Partner."

For more information

Viktor Lundqvist, Managing Director, Innofactor Sweden, +46 73 374 01 63


Market Partner
Market Partner is one of the most renowned sales advisors for IT and Telecoms in the Nordics. With business-motivated and technical team supporting customers in hardware, software, services and telecoms, Market Partner provides both complete and customized solutions for manufacturers, distributors and IT integrators. The company helps enterprises direct their efforts to where they have the most impact – the moment and place of sale. Market Partner designs and implements complex sales strategies for some of the strongest brands in the Nordics and the World. They identify and profile ideal customers, collect data, create Key Performance Indicators that help to solve problems and exploit opportunities. Market Partner analyzes the impact of marketing activities on the bottom line and survey consumer feedback on brands and products.

Innofactor is a leading Nordic provider of digitalization and cloud solutions. Innofactor has Microsoft Ecosystem's leading expertise and the most comprehensive offering in the Nordics. Innofactor has over 600 eager and motivated top professionals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Innofactor serves over 1,500 commercial, public, and third sector organizations. In 2013 to 2017, the annual growth of Innofactor's net sales has been approximately over 20%. The Innofactor Plc share is listed in the technology section of the main list of NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd.