The 2019 Threatscape

13.12.2018 | Webinar

13.12.2018 03:00 - 04:00 (UTC+02:00)

Securing the weakest link:
Adding security layers while keeping the users happy

The modern user is pushing the limits and testing all borders, and they want as few restrictions as possible. To make sure the organisation's security needs are met in this mix we can utilise feature like Microsoft Azure Active Directory Identity Protection for extended identity protection, and Azure Information Protection (AIP) for data protection.

By analysing user risk and detecting suspicious activities, we can make sure annoying security features doesn't appear before they are necessary.

With AIP we can help our users secure their information and limit the chances of leaking important information by accident. AIP also gives us unique insight into how our users are working with information, where our sensitive information is, and also who has access to it.

Understanding features and possibilities, and how they can match up against the ever-changing threat and temptations out there are essentials in any security strategy.


Olav Tvedt, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Innofactor Norway
Pål-Erik Winther, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Innofactor Norway



Listen to the recording here!

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